Core Committers Phase 1 Goals


Note this page was written in 2020 at the conception of the Core Contributor Program and thus current terminology, requirements, and implementation details may differ from what this document and its children pages describe. Specifically, the program herein described is now known as the “Core Contributor Program Committers”, whereas previously it was “Core Committers”.

On the heels of Open edX’s 7-year anniversary, we launched the Core Committers program!

In order to ensure the program’s success and validate ongoing commitment to its rollout, let us collaborate on concrete goals for each Core Committer during Phase 1. Ideally, these goals illustrate the positive impact on our platform from the responsibilities listed.

Here are a few examples of target goals for Phase 1:

Phase 1 Goals (June → End of September)

@Zia Fazal

I commit to help my team in implementation of OEP-0026

  • Relevant edx-platform PR 24282

  • event-tracking PR 56

  • event-routing-backends PRs 7, 11

@Braden MacDonald

I will spend 10-20 hours per month on the following personal priorities:

@Usman Khalid

@Jill Vogel

I will:

@Felipe Montoya

I will commit to spending about 20 hours per month advancing the following items:

  • Spend about half the time per month reviewing OSPRs

  • Discuss with my champions the hook based extension framework

  • Understand and discuss with my team how can we better align our work so that in phase 2 other developers from eduNEXT are candidates for the program

  • Work on a prototype of stable python APIs for plugin development

@Omar Al-Ithawi

I will commit to review the overall status of edx-ace in the following:

Develop an initial version of the Open edX Onboarding Course
Triage PRs if any
Review the in the context of edx-ace with the champion
Extract any in-code TODOs into clear GitHub issues
Review the essential OEPs related to the repository and make GitHub issues as well

@Peter Pinch

  • I will add an ADR for ccx-keys

  • Working with @Nimisha Asthagiri (Deactivated) and @Felipe Montoya I will add an ADR for deprecating the sysadmin panel, to be replaced by a django plugin

  • I will contribute annotations for feature toggles (OEP-17) and settings (open edX discuss thread)

@Régis B.

I work through the backlog of pull requests in the Devstack repo to close them or make sure they are being actively worked on.

@Igor Degtiarov

I will commit to spending ~20 hours per month on the following items:

  • Working on edX proctoring (scope of this work will be updated after the call with Simon Chen)

  • Answering questions on the forum, specifically related to the LTI, proctoring etc.

  • Reviewing OSPRs (after discussion with my Champions which repos needs me more)

edX repo owners or domain experts. Igor at Raccoon Gang has CC rights to the following repos. Please provide your thoughts on possible technical investments he may take on for each of these repos. Igor and his edX champions will then consider your wishlist when converging on his CC responsibility goals for this quarter.

  • xblock-lti-consumer (@Marco Morales (Deactivated) @Dave Ormsbee)

    • Nim: Work with the OSPR author (who was this?) to update the LTI consumer to support LTI v1.3.

  • edx-search (@sburch (Deactivated) @Dave Ormsbee)

  • edx-organizations (@Marco Morales (Deactivated) @Dave Ormsbee @Brittney Exline (Deactivated))

  • edx-rbac (@Brittney Exline (Deactivated))

  • auth-backends (@Robert Raposa @Jeremy Bowman (Deactivated))

  • edx-rest-api-client (@Robert Raposa @Jeremy Bowman (Deactivated))

  • Proctoring (TBD - @Simon Chen)