Sharing your Hackathon Presentation

To be considered for the prizes you’ll need to upload a video demo of your hackathon presentation somewhere public and then link it from the Hackathon Submissions Page. Below are some suggestions for tools you can use to record and upload your video.

Requirements for Your Video

  • Must be at most 2 minutes long.

  • Must be viewable without having to download it.

    • This is to make it easier on our judges.

  • Watch the recording to see if you like it. If not, do it again, it’ll only take 2 minutes! :)

Recording Tool Options

Many video meeting tools have an option to record. You can simply start a new meeting, present your screen and record.

Local Screen Recording Apps

Test to make sure you’re recording audio along with video!

Upload Location Options

  • Vimeo

  • YouTube

  • Anywhere else that is publicly accessible and the video can be played back via a web player.