Core Contributor Onboarding (Non-Coding roles)

This page is meant to help those who are joining the CC program in any role except that of code committer onboard to the program.

  1. (For employees of an organization): Double check that your employer supports your participation in this program before accepting the role (generally CCs contribute 20h/month to the Open edX project). Note that an “entity agreement” is generally not required for non-committer roles, so if you see that language elsewhere, you may ignore it.

  2. Have you, or your sponsor, create a Systems Request - Miscellaneous ticket that includes your name, access requested, email address, and a link to your Discourse nomination thread. It would look something like this:

    1. Requesting CC onboarding for <name>

      Reason: <link to nomination thread>

      GitHub Username: <your GitHub username>

  3. You will receive an invite to the Core Contributor onboarding course. Please follow the steps in that course to complete your onboarding.

    1. If you don’t receive an invite within three days, please comment on your Systems Request ticket

  4. Take the training courses for privacy/security and accessibility - Note: these courses are currently unavailable (as of Nov 2021). We expect them to be available sometime soon and will ask all new CCs to take them at that point.

  5. The Axim on-call engineer will let you know as they complete the remaining onboarding steps for you. If you don’t hear anything from them for a few business days at time, give them a nudge.