Editing UI strings in Devstack

If you are making changes to UI strings or Help text in HTML templates, you can make edx-platform your working GIT directory in a running version of devstack. When you make your changes you can verify them in your local devstack prior to making commits to the master branch of edx-platform.

  1. Install Devstack on your local system as described here.
  2. Complete steps through vagrant up.
  3. In Git for Mac, clone the repository to the devstack directory. You are overwriting the edx-platform directory with the repository from github.
  4. Select your working branch and synch it.
  5. Continue with instructions to run devstack:
    1. If you have closed your connection, run vagrant up.
    2. Run vagrant ssh, then run sudo su edxapp.
  6. To run Studio on devstack, run paver devstack studio
    To run LMS on devstack, run paver devstack lms
  7. To edit UI text:
    1.  Locate the file that you need to modify in Finder (for example, devstack/edx-platform/cms/templates/certificates.html)
    2. Make your changes and save the file.
  8. Verify your changes in a browser before committing the changes.
    Open Studio: localhost:8001
    Open LMS: localhost:8000
  9. If there are issues, make further changes in the files and refresh LMS or Studio in a browser to see the effects of each saved change.
  10. If the content renders correctly, commit and synch changes in Git.