Documentation Feedback

In May 2016, we added a feedback link to the header of edX documentation. The link leads to a Google form in which anonymous users can share their thoughts about the documentation.

You can request email notification of changes to the form and spreadsheet so that you will know when a reader leaves feedback. From the spreadsheet, choose Tools and Notification rules to get notifications.

More Information

From /wiki/spaces/DOC/pages/108659218:

Q: That Feedback link that got added to the RTD template... is there any care and feeding we should be aware of? Anything tricky like a transfer of ownership that should happen?

I don't think there's any care and feeding needed. The feedback link leads to a pre-filled Google form, which writes the feedback it collects in a Google sheet. Both the form and the sheet that holds the feedback are in a Google drive folder owned by IT with read/write permission given only to the doc team ( Kyle Crawshaw (Deactivated) set up the doc team directory for us, thanks, Kyle!

About pre-filled Google forms:

The pre-filled information that goes into the Google form is transmitted in a query parameter. Here's an example:

I initially wanted to conceal the page ID on the form, but Google forms don't allow that. They reasonably feel that if we're collecting information, we should be transparent about it. I just wanted to declutter the form and prevent anyone from misunderstanding and altering the data. But I think the field label makes it clear that no one needs to alter the page ID.

The page ID is derived from the Sphinx publishing process. Ned Batchelder implemented that in the shared/ for all projects: and Thanks, Ned!