Problem: Authors cannot simplify their course by hiding the "Discussion" section even if they do not use it.


In the context of the collaboration project with Spanish universities, it has been identified that many authors want to simplify their courses by hiding the pages offered at the top of the LMS because they do not want to use those functionalities.


The inability to easily hide the discussion section within the course interface poses a challenge to course authors because it hinders their ability to simplify the learning experience for students.

Key Use Cases

  • As an instructor, I want to streamline the course interface by hiding the “Discussion” section


We propose the development and integration of a feature that allows authors to hide the “Discussion” section, just as the “Progress” and “Team” sections are hidden.

Discarded alternatives

Since the proposed solution is simple and follows a pattern already established on the platform, we only consider this alternative

Plan for long-term ownership/maintainership

eduNEXT is commited to build and contribute this work as part of the unidigital (spanish government) project. As part of that commitment, edunext would commit to maintain the feature for a minimum of 2 years and after that, either find a suitable maintainer to hand it over to, or to follow the deprecation procedure in case the feature has any inconvenience or its maintenance is a burden that no one can carry.