This is a place to track all PRs that are identified as blockers to cutting the code for Redwood. In other words, until these tickets are resolved, we will not cut Redwood.

If product planning changes dates of cuts or releases, please update

  1. Python Upgrade:

    1. Why this is a blocker: Python 3.8 is due to reach its scheduled upstream end-of-life in October 2024 and would no longer receive security updates.

    2. Status as of April 11:

      1. Credentials, course discovery, edx platform - PRs in progress

        1. Some unknowns with edx platform and credentials - in discovery

      2. Ecommerce and enterprise - no PRs in progress

      3. Medium confidence for a ~two-week timeline (April 23)

    3. Contingencies - python upgrades are blocking tutor upgrades and Tutor MFE plugins

For reference, this is main issue tracking Python 312 upgrades for tutor (for those interested)

UPDATE April 25:

Need reviewers for Credentials PR and course discovery - fairly urgently needs a reviewer

Ecommerce PRs that need review


2.. Backlog of MFE PRs just need review:



  1. Editors are not working in the Unit MFE:

    1. Why this is a blocker: Authors can add component blocks to a unit, but they cannot open those component blocks to edit them. This includes the text, problem, video, ORA.

    2. Status as of April 11: In discovery

UPDATE April 25: Fix is identified, merged!

  1. Completing the implementation of Tagging + Search

    1. Why this is a blocker: these are major new authoring features promised for Redwood (although content search will be a “beta” turned off by default)

    2. Status as of April 11:

    3. Tagging Tickets

      1. (Many refinements to tag drawer UX - merged)

    4. Search Tickets

      1. PR 918 Filters - merged

      2. (Waiting on NodeJS 18 issue - ready to merge)

      3. (Waiting on NodeJS 18 issue - ready to merge)

      4. ( merged)

      5. ( merged)

      6. Can only filter content by one tag at a time ( merged)

        1. Node js was reverted in master, still being diagnosed

    5. Any further changes from @Jenna Makowski 's acceptance testing.

UPDATE APRIL 25: Node js 18 is merged, no longer a blocker. The rest of these tagging PRs can merge, if not already


  1. Plugins must work with tutor:

    1. Why this is a blocker: If plugins don’t work with Tutor, that negates the whole prototype approach to launching Redwood with plugin slots and would impact at least 3 ongoing projects

    2. Status as of April 11: Still in discovery, partially contingent on engaging with 2U stakeholders

UPDATE APRIL 25: Readme change is the solution, PR coming


  1. Completing the Left-sidebar navigation implementation:

    1. Any further changes from @Chelsea Rathbun's acceptance testing.

    2. Status as of April 25: Ready for Review.

  2. Introducing the left-sidebar navigation as a plugin-option:

    1. Why this is a blocker This is technically not a hard and fast blocker since the left-sidebar navigation will be introduced with a waffle switch that allows admins running Redwood to disable the left-sidebar navigation; however, being able to introduce the left-sidebar navigation will be a huge win in allowing users excited to re-introduce the left-sidebar navigation the ability to easily customize the left-sidebar navigation experience for their needs.

    2. Status as of April 25: Waiting on Author



These are issues that aren’t big enough to block the cut-off, but that are still high priority (more than “nice to have”). These issues would need a quick path to resolution soon after the cut.

  1. Copy/Paste not working in the Unit MFE:

    1. Why this is a blocker: Copy/Paste is one of the key upsell features in Palm, Quince and Redwood.

    2. Status as of April 11: It’s blocked on an upgrade that will make it possible to render emojis . Fix in progress

  2. Left-sidebar navigation Phase 2 improvements:

    1. Why this is a blocker: This is not a blocker, but Phase 2 of the left-sidebar navigation is expected to be ready for community testing by April 26. This work will remove the horizontal navigation from the top of the in-course experience pages and make it easy for a user viewing the left-sidebar navigation to see which sections and subsections in the course they have in progress and how much of each in-progress section and subsection they’ve completed.

    2. Status as of April 25: Ready for user testing

  3. Aspects:

    1. Why this is a blocker: This is not a firm blocker (it could be backported if needed, but localizing/supporting translations of the reports we show in the LMS is an important component of making sure this feature can be used by more of our global community).

    2. Status as of April 25:

      1. Localization of 3 tabs inside the instructor dashboard (Enrollment, Engagement, Performance) (In progress)

  4. Studio Schedule page

    1. Times on the schedule page now follow the user’s timezone, but there is a label in the UI that still says “UTC”

      1. @Brad Brown said this should be fixed (by reverting the local timezone?) shortly.