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  • MIT deprecating sysadmin dashboard!

    • Peter Pinch handling all the notifications and such himself

    • can we get him something in celebration?

    • we could maybe have a budget for doing things?

    • can we make a DEPR Xsy? Scissors Xsy? - Diana Huang to reach out to Xsy designers

    • Challenge coins? - Nimisha Asthagiri (Deactivated) to investigate in general

  • Questions about notifier repo

    • can we avoid MySQL and Ubuntu upgrades?

      • Diana Huang to communicate that we’re dropping notifier from openedx

    • get it into Koa?

      • code might not be ready but we can just drop the repo

  • XServer

    • A set of courses need to be verified that they are removed or updated

    • We have a PR ready to go. Need the bandwidth to monitor XQueue activity once the PR is merged to ensure no other issues appear.

  • shoppingcart cleanup

    • what else needs to be done?

    • Questions around JS? - wait on the new microfrontend to be ready for OpenEdX so we can deprecate and remove that frontend code

    • let people know this was removed - all hands vs. theme demos

  • Heads up on incoming DEPRs from Programs theme: /wiki/spaces/PT/pages/1936228560

  • What’s next?

    • After notifier/XServer

    • Removing verify student/account settings/profile

    • Need to create a DEPR for verify student in edx-platform

    • edge(???)