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11:00 AM


Eden Huthmacher

11:05 AM

2022 Open edX® Conference

Eden Huthmacher

11:13 AM

tCRIL survey on Open edX® global impact

Jenna Makowski

11:16 AM

Open edX® Sandbox

Juan Camilo Montoya

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11:27 AM

Publicising the goals of the different Working Groups

Eden Huthmacher

11:34 AM

How To videos

Dean Jay Mathew

11:47 AM

Meet Ups

Nicole Kessler

  • The Virtual Event Committee is taking the lead

11:48 AM

Code of Conduct

Nicole Kessler

  • This is a high priority and must be updated/finalised soonestfor after the upcoming conference

  • The Marketing WG is planning to create an addendum, rather that updating the current outline. The addendum will be specific to the collaboration environment of the Marketing WG and will include the recent violations to avoid them going forward. The full outline of the addendum has not been identified yet and we will not have capacity to do so, until after the conference. More details to follow.

11:50 AM

Open Source Platforms Comparison

Eden Huthmacher

  • “apple-to-apple“ comparison: is being done between different open source platforms, starting with Open edX® vs Moodle.

  • Document: We need a new person to take over this role and Jenna Makowski mentioned she is already working on a document comparing how Moodle does documentation. Jenna says she can broaden her work to start comparing platforms from a product viewpoint. Strengths vs weaknesses, etc. It overlaps with the Product Working Group a bit so collaboration between these two WGs is on the table. For this “Competitive landscape research”; we need to first agree on what do we want to present, then we can work backwards from there. Feel free to get involved here:

11:52 AM

Recording Meetings

Eden Huthmacher

  • We may record meetings: henceforth to post on the Trello board as complimentary to the text minutes.

11:57 AM


Esteban Etcheverry

  • Pushed back: this task is to be pushed back to after the conference.


Close of Meeting

Eden Huthmacher

Nicole Kessler

Thanks to all who joined the meeting today or gave kind apologies in advance. Do you want to join the next meeting? Meetings are bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 10 AM (EST) or 11 AM during daylight savings. Contact the organisers in advance if you are unsure about how to join: