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Account Level Views

Profile & Account Settings Updates

The goal of this effort is to split the profile page (who I am as a learner, what I’ve done, and eventually what I’m doing) from account settings ( controls, options, etc.)

The profile age should represent who I am as a learner and what I’ve done so far. Under consideration for scope in this effort is to see whether it is possible to retrieve and visualize platform certificates in a single view. All account settings details, including account deletion workflow should move into account settings area and be removed from profile.

Account settings should be accessible from the main 4 application tabs as an icon in the top right of the page.

App Level Navigation

As demonstrated by the requirement sections above, the new application navigation will see some updates. The new app level navigation bar

  • Today - Depending on scope this might weave its way into the UX definition of the Learn view as heading / top level context (Cut from Scope)

  • Learn - New primary Learn page combining product listing views for products in student’s account

  • Discover - Shift discovery to second view, with discovery improvements to be handled in Project - Improved Mobile Discovery (FC-28a)

  • Dates - This is a level up of the course dates and schedule feature to present students with planning / visual tracking tools for upcoming dates + targets.

  • Downloads - Quick access to offline learning materials for students to access materials on the go.

  • Activity - Depending on project scope this will be the Profile page or what we hope may replace it as an activity focused view (with a way to get to your public profile.) This view is focused on you - what you have done / are doing.

    • Account Settings will be linked from the top avatar icon in the top right of each of these main views, or potentially only on Activity / Profile page.

Dashboard Level Views

New Learn Page: Configurable Products + Listing / Next Step Modes

  • New Learn Page replaces existing Courses page

  • Learn page can have product configured as top level toggles, with Courses being the default experience.

  • Product views (Courses / Programs / etc) can be linked to native components or webviews.

    • Option 1: Programs product type linked to a placeholder page url (terms of service, or other existing view) to demonstrate web view configuration of products page primarily. Full programs experience split into future project.

    • Option 2: Programs experience v1 linking to edx-platorm programs view could instead be delivered as part of this effort.

    • The ability to link webviews was added for Programs, so we should move that functionality into the Learn page (when Programs page is selected). Similar web view configurations also should be possible for course view if desired.

  • Courses view will be natively built into the application, with existing cards put into the “listing” mode of this view.

    • Minor design updates to these cards are planned as well

  • The new ‘next step’ mode for the Courses page will introduce a three new course cards into the mobile application.

    • Card 1 0 - Full Card - Shown in ‘next step’ mode when learner is enrolled only in 1 course product object.

    • Card 2 1 - Primary Card - Shown in ‘next step’ mode when learner is enrolled in 1+ courses.

    • Card 3 2 - Secondary Basic Cards - Shown under primary card when learner is enrolled in 1+ courses.

Early design concept sketches to be
    • Card 3 - Progress Cards - Shown in (all) My Courses view

Design mocks added further down this page.

New Downloads Page

  • Initial v1 of an app-level downloads page which summarizes the ability to download course content and provides quick access to downloads.

  • Initial iteration may simply list downloaded items grouped by course object.

  • Future improvements to be delivered in other projects.

  • Additional product details coming soonallow this tab to be configured, but it will be defaulted off until the Offline Mode project gets us to a v1 of this page.

New Dates / Plan Page

  • Initial v1 of app-level plan page for now echoing the dates feature of the courses experience. For now, this page will be shown as a “coming soon to this application” page.

  • Timing / alignment between this and the course dates + personalization project (Project - Mobile Dates & Calendar Personalization could change the plan for this view v1.

Course Home

Resume Course CTA Updates

Visual updates / cleanup to the resume learning call to action

Course Listing Item Blocks

  • Augmenting the section + sequence course home navigation to support collapsible sections (including auto-collapsed completed sections)

  • New {N completed sections} expandable object for whenever there are more than 1 completed section next to each other in the outline to help collapse the outline height / length based on progress

Full Bleed Course Imagery

Visual updates / cleanup to course home imagery / color background for a course

Course Title & Progress Summary

Exploring the use of a simplified assignment level progress summary under the course title:

Example statements:

  • 15 learning sequences across 5 sections

  • 13 learning sequences to complete across 2 sections

  • 12/15 learning sequences completed

  • 10/15 assignments completed

Potential addition of a simplified progress visual underneath this title + statement as well

Course Content Page

Sequence Navigation