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Contributing Team

Volodymyr Chekyrta , Marco Morales

Earlier Discovery

Quick Wins Discovery: Mobile Improvements

Linked Initiatives


Roadmap Entry


The following project is a collection of several different items identified by the feature gap exercises completed by the mobile working group and edX mobile teams. Upon completion approximately 34% of the gaps identified that have the smallest development scope and are quickest to complete should be delivered.


  • App Update Messaging

    • What’s new screen (After Login Experience)

    • App update version (Main Dashboard)

    • In app review system (Course Dashboard > Video completed)

  • Video Experience Improvements

    • Transcript navigation (Course Dashboard > Video’s Screen)

    • Screen Casting (enable by default)

    • HLS Support in Video Player & Video Streaming Quality Settings

  • Additional Quick Wins

    • Landscape support (Full App)

    • Accessibility - Talkback / Voiceover support

    • View Discussion Profile

    • JWT Token Support for authentication (Newly Added)




App Upgrade Messaging

See details for 2 included gaps here: Project - App Update Messaging

Video Experience Improvements

See details for 5 included gaps here: Project - Video Experience Improvements

Video Quality Setting, user preferences and supporting adaptive streaming

  • App can process / read HLS manifest

  • Working video quality settings (Lowest - Medium - Highest - Auto)

Landscape Support

Enable universal landscape orientation across all app screens. A UI review will be conducted to identify any screens requiring landscape-specific design adjustments.

Component Completion Checkmarks

Enable automatic visual indicator on the course dashboard that marks completed course components. The visual indicator will be seamlessly integrated into the existing UI.


Note: This feature was recently added to the open edx mobile apps, the gap may be fully closed with no development required.

View Discussion Profiles

Minimum Path:
When clicking the username of a learner in the discussion area of the course experience, you will see whatever the public content is on a learner’s app level profile.

Tentative Option / Addition:
The new discussions MFE and updated APIs on CS Comments Service renders a new learner activity view that can show a learners discussion activity.

Depending on the development size, we will may render a list of the posts / activity for a learner echoing the new discussions MFE as the primary tab “Discussion Activity” under their profile header name and image. A secondary tab “Profile Info” will still show other profile information if enabled.

This additional option cut from scope. ^

Analytics Event Consistency

Develop a comprehensive mapping of analytics events to ensure consistency between the existing and new app versions. Rigorous testing will be conducted to validate data accuracy.

Need to compare expected event list to RG app events: Mobile Analytics Events

Accessibility - Talkback / Voiceover support

Implement TalkBack for Android and VoiceOver for iOS to make key app components accessible.

This will include navigation menus, main dashboard, course selection, and video playback controls, along with compliance testing and documentation updates. Additionally, newly developed features like the app rating system should be similarly covered by this requirement.

Once completed, notify Jeff Witt (Deactivated) and team about ability to test / review new application.