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Action Items

What should we do with e-commerce bug reports? (specifically: this one) Not all of us have access to a working e-commerce dev/prod installation.

Maria Grimaldi

  • We’re still supporting Open edX E-Commerce until E-Commerce Coordinator is released

  • Ned Batchelder (Deactivated) highlighted the future of Commerce coordinator is not clear

  • Jorge Londoño will list the team members that have access to an e-commerce instance to reach out to them everytime we have

  • Maksim Sokolskiy will review the issue internally with his team

What should we do to move this issue forward – before the new release?

Maria Grimaldi

  • Creating an issue to include MFEs test cases for Quince Jorge Londoño

  • Reaching out to Adolfo and Brian to ask for their input on this matter Jorge Londoño

Additionally, frontend-app-communications doesn't exist in Transifex. Is that something this group could help with, or do the owners of the MFE need to fix that?

Jorge Londoño

  • People that have time for this will take a look at the PRs

  • Jorge Londoño will give more visibility to this at edunext

Quince release work plan

Next Release: Quince 🌳

Jorge Londoño

  • Régis B. will be able provide the test instance

  • Chris Patti will take over on the documentation expert role

  • Confirming the active repos before October 9

Deciding next releases (S and T) names

Jorge Londoño