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Quince was released on December 11th, 2023. It is the 17th Open edX community release.

Quince is based on branches cut two months earlier on Oct 10th, 2023. Changes made after that date will be part of the next release (Redwood) unless you also backport them to Quince.

Please add any new changes to https://openedx.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/COMM/pages/3890380898



Information Radiators 💡


Risk Management 🚨

  • Which MFEs will be included?

  • Are the experimental MFEs in Palm going to be officially added in Quince as either optional or mandatory MFEs?

  • There will be a required effort that could go from a couple of hours to 1-2 days.

  • October 9 is a holiday in the US

  • OEP-58: Heads up

  • Aspects test cases?


Work Plan 📅













September 18

September 24

Confirming working group roles:

  1. Chair

  2. Release manager

  3. Release testing coordinator

  4. Quality assurance manager

  5. Release documentation expert

  6. Bug triagers

  7. Security patcher

@Jorge Londoño


September 25

October 1

Backlog refinement guidelines

@Jorge Londoño


October 2

October 8

Testing plan announcement

  1. Creating testing plan

  2. Coordinating with @Régis B. the provisioning of the test instance



October 9

October 15

Branches cut


Testing start



December 11

December 17

quince.1 release


Quince release retrospective

@Jorge Londoño


Operational ⚙️

  • [@Tim McCormack] Deployers must ensure that for all of their IDAs, any JWT_PUBLIC_SIGNING_JWK_SET Django setting does not contain whitespace inside of the Base64 strings of the encoded keys.

    • This is related to edx-drf-extensions now using PyJWT instead of pyjwkest, which is overly permissive of spaces inside Base64. 2U discovered that several of their IDA configurations had a JWT_PUBLIC_SIGNING_JWK_SET setting that inadvertently contained whitespace inside the large Base64 strings. Before upgrading to Quince, ensure that there are no linebreaks or other whitespace inside Base64 strings in the JWT key settings. Otherwise, IDAs will produce 'Incorrect padding' errors.

    • For example broken/working configs see the edx-drf-extensions changelog for version 8.8.0; issue 346 has more detailed technical information.

  • [@Awais Qureshi] Django-storages upgraded to latest version and it has some breaking changes.

    • The constructor kwarg bucket is no longer accepted. Instead, use bucket_name.

    • define default_acl value explicitly in constructor kwarg e.g default_acl: public-read. in previous versions django-storages provides default value as public-read but now it is none. So it's important to mention it explicitly as per your use case.

  • [@Awais Qureshi] For Django 4.2 CSRF_TRUSTED_ORIGINS must include scheme. Update all urls there with schemes. e.g .edx.org changes to https://*.edx.org.

Deprecations and Removals ✖️

Based on estimated dates 2023-04-11 to 2023-10-01.

  • [Farhan] We have deprecated and migrated the openedx/xblock-utils library into openedx/XBlock. See .

  • Most functionality has been removed from the long-deprecated Old Mongo Modulestore. This was the old system for storing and accessing course content, used by courses with Org/Course/Run style identifiers, e.g. MITx/6.002x/2012_Fall. All end-user access to this course content was removed with the Nutmeg release, so any course actively being run in the Nutmeg release or later should be unaffected.

    • To preserve compatibility with old installations, some limited Old Mongo functionality remains:

      • Files that were uploaded to these old courses (e.g. images, PDFs) will remain accessible. This is partly to preserve older certificates which relied on downloading assets from their originating course.

      • The metadata stored at the root CourseBlock is still accessible in a read-only way. This includes things like the course title, start and end dates, and various settings.

    • For more details, please see


Other deprecations:

  • only in credentials