Open edX Release Processes

Recent Schedule


Nutmeg.3 release

Olive branches cut


Olive.1 release

Nutmeg unsupported


Olive.2 release


Olive.3 release

Palm branches cut


Palm.1 release

Olive unsupported


Palm.2 release


Palm.3 release

Q____ branches cut



R____ branches cut



S____ branches cut

The Schedule, Explained

Named versions of Open edX are released on a six-month schedule. Versions are named alphabetically after trees. In these docs we like to use Yucca and Zebrawood as hypothetical examples.

On April 9th and October 9th, each two months before a named release, we cut branches for the new named version and begin testing it. In other words, we freeze of a copy of the latest version of Open edX so that we can focus on stabilizing and documenting it.

On June 9th and December 9th, we announce the release of the new named version. When we are being specific, we append “.1” to the tree name, for example Zebrawood.1. At this point, we announce that the previous named version is no longer supported . For example, if we just released Zebrawood.1, then Yucca.* would no longer be supported.

On August 9th and February 9th, we do a point release of the most recent named version. The point release will be similar to the named version that came before it, but will include bug fixes and other minor improvements. We indicate it by appending “.2” to the tree name, for example, Zebrawood.2.

On October 9th and April 9th, we do another point release of the most recent named version. We indicate this one by appending “.3” to the tree name, for example, Zebrawood.3. At this point, we also cut branches for the next named version, thus restarting the cycle

If the 9th is a weekend or holiday, then the release generally happens the following business day.

Example Timeline

  • Apr 9: Xylowood.3 is released and Yucca.master is cut.

  • Jun 9: Yucca.1 is released and Xylowood.* goes out of support.

  • Aug 9: Yucca.2 is released.

  • Oct 9: Yucca.3 is released and Zebrawood.master is cut.

  • Dec 9: Zebrawood.1 is released and Yucca.* goes out of support.

  • Feb 9: Zebrawood.2 is released.

  • …and so on

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