Ironwood is the ninth Open edX release.

The first release candidate is available.  The tag is open-release/ironwood.1rc1 .

There is an #ironwood-beta Slack channel available to talk about your experience with the release candidate.  Please give us feedback.


This is not a list of the features and changes that will be available in Ironwood.  This page is only for release concerns.  See the product announcements for changes that have been made since Hawthorn.

Put stuff here that we have to remember when we start packaging up for Ironwood.  Please include your name when you add an item, so that we can get back to you with questions.

  • Internally we changed to using AWS's Aurora (mysql) for many reasons (scale up to our larger table sizes, use their Performance Insights tool, be able to migrate against large tables to add columns or indexes).  This introduced  EDUCATOR-3406 - Getting issue details... STATUS  and  EDUCATOR-3374 - Getting issue details... STATUS  and we eventually fixed it by disabling the portion of Lab Mode that allows Hash Joins (you can read more about the feature in their Lab Mode docs, we turned on Lab Mode for the Fast DDL feature).
    This was fixed adding an init_command to our django DATABASES configuration.  Since we run a mixed Aurora and MySQL set of databases in production, we have to be slightly more complicated and you can see the two Ansible settings used in edx-internal and find a similar PR in edge-internal.
  • As part of the work on  LEARNER-4674 - Getting issue details... STATUS , edX switched from using a custom built password validator to Django's framework of password validation. This involved creating a new Configuration value, AUTH_PASSWORD_VALIDATORS, a list of Django and edX-created validators. To facilitate code cleanliness, we have removed unnecessary Configuration values preferring to specify the values in AUTH_PASSWORD_VALIDATORS. The removed variables are PASSWORD_MIN_LENGTH, PASSWORD_MAX_LENGTH, and PASSWORD_COMPLEXITY. The Pull Request adding the new value can be found in and the Pull Request removing the unnecessary values can be found in Edx-internal and edge-internal have similar Pull Requests to utilize the new password validation framework.
  • Starting in Ironwood, the configuration repo will no longer ship with a default django secret key for edx-platform.  This means that if you have been deploying with the default insecure secret key, your builds will break.  The change was made so that deployers are forced to make actual secret keys that are not predictable.
    • TODO: put instructions here for how to continue to use the old value
  • Two new settings files were added to edx-platform with this release.  At lms and cms  These are new files that are meant to replace the existing settings files.  The settings files will remain but will be deprecated as of Ironwood and will be removed in the next release.  If you are using the configuration repo to setup your environment, it will automatically start using the file with this release without you needing to make any changes. will load in plugins until such time as is removed.
  • Guruprasad Lakshmi Narayanan: With the changes in Studio to use LMS for login authentication, LMS and Studio have to be served from cookie-compatible domains. If the Studio domain name is a sub-domain of the LMS domain name, then the EDXAPP_SESSION_COOKIE_DOMAIN ansible variable (translates to SESSION_COOKIE_DOMAIN in lms.env.json) has to be set to '.<LMS domain>'. The Studio domain has to be added to the EDXAPP_LOGIN_REDIRECT_WHITELIST ansible variable (`LOGIN_REDIRECT_WHITELIST` variable in lms.env.json) for the redirect from LMS to Studio after login to work. Details in this discussion on the edx-ops group.
  • From crice (Deactivated): e-commerce's dependencies have been updated to django-oscar 1.5.4. The 1.5.3 release of django-oscar contains a security fix. If you use anonymous checkout, please see the django-oscar 1.5.3 release notes as you may need to rotate your keys: 

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