Open edX Release 4  OPEN-776 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Anticipated cut date: Week of   Will not be cut until Django upgrade is released and stable, anticipating mid December timeframe.

Anticipated final release: Week of   Currently aiming at mid-January, due to Django upgrade and December US holidays.

Note: We aim to get the Django upgrade into this release, so dates are extremely tentative until we have a clearer picture of when this work will land.

New Services & Major Upgrades Planned for This Release

  • Ecom Services for Dogwood
    • Only outstanding item is documentation
  • Insights in Dogwood
    • Plan forthcoming
  • /wiki/spaces/TNL/pages/34013441
    • Working with T&L Lahore
  • OPEN-507 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Necessary for SSO and LTI applications to work
    • Desire to get this into next named release; contingent perhaps around getting better ux support
  • MongoDB/Pymongo Upgrade
    • Feanil Patel to provide some tickets for this work (Ops & Platform work)
  • CohortMembership fix ( TNL-3478 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
    • Includes a management command, course_groups/post_cohort_membership_fix, to be run after data migrations.
  • Python 2.7.10 Upgrade
    • Users will have to re-build virtualenvs from scratch.
    • New vagrant images will have the correct virtualenvs and Python version.
    • OPS-631 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Course Overviews as source of truth for list of courses.
    • Includes a management command, " lms --settings=X generate_course_overview --all", to be run after data migrations.
    • If this management command is not run,
      • deployments that run with ENABLE_COURSE_DISCOVERY set to False, may see courses missing on their Course Catalog page
      • the Courses API "/api/courses/v1/courses/" may not include all courses in the system


  • "shoppingcart" functional should be considered deprecated as of Dogwood and will be removed in a future release. Similar services will be provided by "Otto" going forward
  • ORA1 code is completely removed
  • Legacy instructor dash is turned off by default, and will be removed entirely in Eucalyptus
  • Old code has been removed:
    • Admin dashboard
    • abtest_module
    • Psychometrics
    • "Licenses" djangoapp
    • FoldIt XModule
    • Studio course checklists
  • Removed support for the outdated ispublic field on the Course Module, including its corresponding ACCESS_REQUIRE_STAFF_FOR_COURSE feature flag.  Instead, operators should use COURSE_CATALOG_VISIBILITY_PERMISSION and COURSE_ABOUT_VISIBILITY_PERMISSION settings.
  • The "graphical_slider_tool" is deprecated, and will no longer be available starting in in Eucalyptus (the code has been removed from Master).

Things that didn't make it into Dogwood

Release Checklist

key summary updated due assignee status resolution