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Add your project video to the list below if you want it to be considered for one of the prizes! If you need help recording or uploading your video checkout the Sharing your Hackathon Presentation page!


Project Team (People)

Brief Project Description

Link to Project Video

Joe C, Allyson K, Manny M, Alex S, Sam M

Integrating with Ziprecruiter for job seekers


Axinite (Mobile) Saeed Bashir Hamza Israr

Video background playback support.
Restless learners want to learn on the go, whether they are at the gym, commuting, or finish that one lecture before they go to sleep.

This project enables our learners by giving them the ability to listen to the video lectures while the app is in the background or locked (just like listening to a podcast). In addition, the learners also can control the audio playback (play, pause, seek) right from the control center or from the lock screen.


Note: Please keep the audio on or use headphone while watching the video.

Axinite (Mobile) (Muhammad Umer Moin Omer Habib

Video picture in picture support

Sometimes users want to use other apps while watching videos, like to checkout latest feed on twitter or to open up notes app to make notes about the lecture while viewing the video at same time. 

This project enables our learners by giving them the ability to watch to the video lectures by shrinking the video player to smaller size so user can multitask with other apps. The learners also have the ability to control the audio playback (play, pause, seek) right from the smaller player.


Note: Please keep the audio on or use headphone while watching the video

Julia Eskew (Deactivated) Jeremy Bowman Jazib Humayun

Many years ago, we forked django-wiki and departed the upstream repo. So the course wiki feature no longer benefits from security updates & new features from the upstream repo. This project looks at our options to improve the wiki situation, particularly the options of deprecation and getting back to using the upstream repo.


Written conclusions at Hackathon XXVI: django-wiki: DEPR or fix?

Ned Batchelder Jinder Singh (Deactivated) Ghassan Maslamani

Wiki crawler
Collect information from the Confluence wiki about how pages are being used.


The code: https://github.com/nedbat/wikicrawl

Connor Haugh Peter Pinch Brian Grossman Ned Batchelder

Repo tool: changelogs

Collect changes for release notes for named openedx releases. Use conventional commits to create labels for better understanding changes at a glance.


Nathan Sprenkle

Developing a Documentation Strategy and Proposed Confluence Organization


Referenced docs:

Feanil Patel (Do Not Use) (Deactivated) Jeremy Bowman

Many of the projects that build our documentation on ReadTheDocs.org were broken, we spent some time to fix them and to add testing and alerting so that breakage will be caught earlier in the development process and notify the correct teams.


Leangseu Kim Awais Jibran (Deactivated)

More discoverable search for docs.edx.org


John Brant, Tudor Girba (feenk.com)

Detection and live documentation of legacy waffles and their migration


Sapana Thomas (Deactivated) Kevin McGrath

Improving Aurora Team Workflows and Jira setup to decrease time spent managing tickets, statuses, ceremonies and increase efficiency and improve outcomes


Carla Duarte (Deactivated) Mariana Hernandez Barroso Josefina O'Neil (Deactivated) Eduardo Zambrano (Deactivated) Andrew Schwartz Juliana Kang Sharon Wang Sarina Canelake (Do Not Use) (Deactivated) Allyson Kummins

Archived, updated, and created new i18n documentation in Confluence. Updated the Localization Home to be more up to date. Created MFE i18n Best Practices, Transifex How Tos, updated Transifex technical ownership doc, created dashboards for user metrics around language and geographical regions, created a Spanish Style guide for translations.


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