Notes: master → main

The git world has moved from “master” as the default branch to “main”.

What would it take to change edX and Open edX repos from master to main?

  • GitHub instructions for renaming a branch:

    • Unfortunately, GitHub won’t auto-forward “master” references to “main”, so everyone with a clone needs to manually rename the branch also.

      • GitHub provides instructions, but they are three command-line commands, which not everyone is comfortable using.

  • After renaming the branch and pushing it, update the repo on GitHub (see info here for steps below):

    • Update default branch to be main

    • Update branch protection rules

    • delete master

    • set the remote HEAD

    • find/update references to master in the repo (.yaml and .yml files, .github/workflows, etc)

  • edX pipelines: update ‘master’ to ‘main’ where it appears in pipeline yml files (code here)

  • jenkins?

  • readthedocs: project settings mention “master” as the branch to build.

  • openedx.yaml files have “openedx_release: {“ref”: “master”}” in them.

  • confluence process pages that mention master

Additional Notes: