Django 3.2 Upgrade Work Allocation


Arbi-Bom Squad (edX)

Finish set of code mods@Jeremy Bowman Please create a ticket
Write up instructions to run code mods on a block of code using Django (to be used by Community)@Jeremy Bowman Please create a ticket
Update script for updating test configuration
Automate calculation of Django using dependency counts
SOON: more to come

edX Squads

edX squads, who own IDAs, will participate to various extents, depending on the option they choose from

edX Open edX Squad

Promote Dependencies update to community

Open edX Community

Run code mods on everything using Django
Work with upstream maintainers to get Django 3.2 support working an announced
Upgrade dependencies owned by Open edX community members (blockstore, problem-builder, edx-sga, etc.)
SOON: more to come