Dependency Supported Python/Django Versions

This page tracks for each of the Python packages we use somewhere in our code which version added support for Python and Django versions of interest. The hope is that by updating this as new package versions are released and we’re reviewing the changelog anyway, we’ll have less work to do when we get around to upgrading our code and checking to see where there are still gaps in support for the new versions.

This table is a work in progress, we’ll continue to update it as new package versions are released and as we do research for upgrades.

In support of Django 3.2 Upgrade project this table currently uses color coding as follows:
Green - package has bene upgraded or is not used, no concern
Red - package doesn’t yet support Django 3.2, but we need it to

Once the Django project is finished, colors will be removed.


Django Packages/Dependencies

Python Packages/Dependencies