Python Package Changelogs

This is a collection of changelogs for Python packages used somewhere in Open edX.  We intend to work with the community to make these discoverable programmatically from PyPI metadata, but for now we're just collecting these manually when we go to look up the history of a package (usually when upgrading it somewhere to see what changed).  When adding a new entry, look up the package in PyPI to quickly find the latest information about it.  You should generally add a link to the first up-to-date list of changes from the following list of candidates:

  1. The package's official documentation (often published on Read the Docs)

  2. A changelog file in the package's source repository (usually in the project root, occasionally in a "docs" directory)

  3. The package's GitHub releases page, if each released version has useful notes on what changed

  4. The package's PyPI page (usually this is generated from a changelog in the source repository, which would have been chosen above)

  5. The repository's commit history

When adding or removing an entry, please leave "Notify watchers" checked.  This allows a maintainer of the #pypi-releases Slack channel to be notified so we can keep its set of package release feeds up to date.

The current list of packages: