Elasticsearch 7.10

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edX wants to upgrade Elasticsearch to version 7.10 in time for Maple Open edX release.

Diane has a lot of knowledge about the previous Elasticsearch upgrade - https://openedx.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/COMM/pages/1678639164. It was a Blended project with Racoon Gang.

This time we expect owning squads to do the upgrade, after which SRE will flip the switch.


Upgrade all IDAs that are on 7.8, see list at .

All of these IDAs are part of the Open edX named release.

All tickets for this project will have ElasticSearch-7-10-upgrade label in JIRA.

SRE work will also be tracked in .

Environments and path: devstack -> sandbox -> stage -> prod/edge (we only have one mongo cluster per env).


Elasticsearch upgrade can be done independently from other upgrade projects, e.g. MongDB, Django, etc.

Each upgraded IDA can be release independently, as soon as it is done.


Though, we need to complete this anytime before October 15, we aim at finishing and upgrade prod by September 7.

However, since more services are used by Elasticsearch than by MongoDB, we want to get MongoDB upgrade out of the way first, then do Elasticsearch.

More detailed timeline to follow.

Project Team







@lcicchese (Deactivated)


Tech and Project Lead

@Natalia Berdnikov (Deactivated)

Open edX

Project Manager

@Christopher Pappas


Lead Developer

@Jeremy Ristau

TNL (IDA owner)

Team Lead, development

@Waheed Ahmed (Deactivated)

Vanguards (IDA owner)

Team Lead, development

@Simon Chen

Cosmonauts (IDA owner)

Team Lead, development

@Zach Hancock

Cosmonauts (IDA owner)

Lead Developer

@Nimisha Asthagiri (Deactivated)

Open edX

Stakeholder (Infrastructure lead)

@Ned Batchelder (Deactivated)

Open edX

Stakeholder (maker of Open edX named release)

Open edX Community

Open edX Community

Stakeholder (Consumers of Maple named release)


Next steps

@Christopher Pappas Answer questions on this page as you find fit.


@Natalia Berdnikov (Deactivated) Send email to squads about this coming, need to be done for Maple. Kick off meeting.
@lcicchese (Deactivated) Create epic for SRE, link here.
@lcicchese (Deactivated) Reach out to Simon about how SRE can help upgrade Analytics API ES 1.5 to 7.10.
@Adam Blackwell (Deactivated) Open Devstack 7.10 PR (https://github.com/edx/devstack/pull/782/files )
@Adam Blackwell (Deactivated) Notes Devstack testing PSRE ticket ( )
@Natalia Berdnikov (Deactivated) Copy PSRE ticket to other service owners & put in table: