July 9, 2020 community meetup

Date, time, and location

WHEN: Thursday, July 9, 1pm EST US / 17:00 UTC. (time converter)

Recording: https://youtu.be/PdniQPc-C1U

Would you like to present something? Let us know!


  • Juniper update

  • Yvain DEMOLLIERE: Les Copros Vertes

    • Les Copros Vertes was established by Qualitel and FNAIM to create an awareness training program for over 50 thousand French citizens, related to house building projects and eco-friendly renovation models. Les Copros Vertes is an innovative use of the Open edX platform, containing thoughtful changes to the Open edX UI to enhance site navigation, while concurrently delivering high production value. MOOCit collaborated to provide the customization to serve the site's targeted audience. Come the how and why of the changes they implemented.