Decoupling 2U / tCRIL


As a part of the 2U acquisition of edX, the new non-profit (the Center for Reimagining Learning, tCRIL) and 2U will be dividing ownership of various things. This page is all about that decoupling.

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Dec 15, 2021 - Jan 12, 2022

Open edX Repos will move to the openedx GitHub org.


Process for adding/updating new users and repos to be rolled out to the Open edX community.


tCRIL will implement role based access control to the codebase to improve project security.




Q: How do I learn about or make request of tCRIL?

Q: Will edX still be contributing to Open edX?

Absolutely! A key principle of the 2U acquisition is to remain a major member of the Open edX community.

Q: Are edX employees going to lose access to the Open edX repos?

For the foreseeable future, edX will still have write access to the all the same repos they used to.

Q: Where should edX employees make new repos and how do they do it?

Answer TBD.

Q: Will repos move from the edx GitHub organization to the openedx org?

We have finished moving repos from the edx GitHub organization to openedx. Everything should now be in their proper places.

Q: Should I change my git remotes to point to the new location of the repos?

If you work for edX: do not update your remotes: git forwarding will make things work.
If you do not work for edX: yes, update your remotes to point to the openedx org.

Q: Will edX be working from forks?

We are still working out the best logistics to keep edX moving quickly and continuing to contribute to the Open edX project.

Q: Will there be a reason to have public repos in the edx GitHub organization?

Good question! Answer TBD.