Creating and Updating Documentation - RTD

The following steps detail the process of creating and updating documentation that is published to Read the Docs. The steps below contain links to pages with detailed information about how to perform that step.

See Creating and Updating Documentation - Zendesk to learn about the process for managing learner documentation in the edX Help Center in Zendesk Guide. 

Before you begin, make sure you have the right tools.

  1. Clone the GitHub edx-documentation repo.
  2. Create a branch.
  3. Locate and edit the .rst files. See the table at 3. Locate and Edit Documentation for file locations for various documentation products.
  4. Verify and test the documentation. Note that testing the documentation is required.
  5. Commit and push changes, then submit a pull request. Fill in the automatically created template.
  6. Rebase and squash commits if necessary. Merge your changes.
  7. Ask a member of the doc team to publish the updated guide on Read the Docs. After the changes are published, make sure to view the updated guide to make sure changes appear correctly.

Additional Information