Visualization Brainstorm - Product Core and Tech Core

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tCRIL has been brainstorming about what “core” means, both from a technical perspective and a product/user perspective. The new Product WG’s charter tasks the WG with defining a Core Product Offering. The graphics below provide a visual representation of possible convergence and divergence between said Core Product Offering and a technical version of the platform core.

The end goal is to decide how the Core Product Offering should relate to:

  • a theoretical “kernel” (a.k.a. “technical core”)

  • theoretical outer rings of the product

    • for example: an “Extended Product Offering” made up of “Official Extensions”

  • what’s included & what’s enabled in named community releases

  • which components we support and at what level

  • the location and ownership of code repositories (not specifically mentioned in these graphics, but relevant)


Take a look at the graphics below. Let us know your reactions, thoughts, concerns, questions, and any suggested changes. If there are places where more explanation or examples would help, let us know that too!

To keep the discussion where everyone can easily see it, please leave comments on this wiki page instead of the source Lucidchart.

Based on feedback, we’ll iterate on these ideas and eventually bring a more formal proposal to the community for review, probably as an OEP.



Requires a Lucidchart login. Note that it’s split into 3 tabs (at the bottom-left corner of the screen).





Rings of the Kernel