Quick Discovery: Learning Academy Selection [Mobile Roadmap

Notes from Roadmap Page:

Learning Academy Selection (Multi-Tenant / Multi-Catalog Capabilities)

  • (FC-0025) Switch between Learning Sites / Providers

    • Dynamic Config / Theme Loading for Sites

    • Icon Loading

  • Supports Consumer + Enterprise Catalogs

Workflow Overview v1



Visual Concept Sketch



Visual Concept Sketch

Learning Academy Initial Selection

  • Learners would open the Open edX mobile app (or another custom build with learning academy selection feature enabled.)

  • The primary screen action would be to ‘select your learning site' which includes a typeahead search action that can match learning site Title + URLs.

  • A secondary QR Login workflow is also available (detailed in next row), and it should remain visible even if the search type ahead listing of matching learning sites is long.

Learning Academy Directory

  • Behind the scenes, we would need to explore some sort of open / closed open edx mobile learning site directory to be managed by Axim (in the case of the Open edX app).

  • The Axim built Open edX mobile application would then be able to capture basic learning site metadata (title, url, etc) but also provide a QR code url / ID that would be used to power the “QR Login” workflow for that learning site.

  • Other configurations would need to be shared / bundled for a given learning site, including for example that learning site’s core navigation items (default: course, discovery, profile; optional: programs). Similarly, perhaps certain features are not enabled for that application, so the learning academy directory would need to know more than just title / url / image / logo / etc but also other configuration details.

    • TBD on if this kind of detail would be able to be bundled into the mobile applications for verified learning sites to improve performance of the learning site selection.

    • Additionally, if the app logo visual is something that can be bundled in the application with reasonable performance, it could then mean that the Open edX / Provider builds could then ‘swap’ to using the learning site specific app logo after the learning site has been selected instead of using the Open edX logo, which would probably be a big value to the learning sites. Perhaps this optionality could be a fee based configuration option since having that icon would increase the size of the app for anyone using the app to include that visual in the app build resources.


Secondary QR Login Workflow

  • QR Code Generation

    • This centralized QR generation process and site listing directory enables tracking for QR usage stats, the download rates for Open edX mobile sites, as well as the ability for Axim to confirm legal / privacy / usage guidelines necessary for a learning academy to list itself on the Open edX mobile app as an option.

    • This presents also an opportunity for Axim to understand basic site / instance details, confirm awareness of the Open edx platform licensing requirements, ensure liability / other releases necessary to being the built app provider for many lower cost / smaller open edx instances who may be the primary customer for the Open edX mobile app (or other custom provider built) applications.

  • QR Login would need to be enabled at the Open edx platform site level, introducing a new default QR code view accessible from the footer of the site.

  • This QR Mobile Login view could also link to the iOS / Android apps for that site (whether Open edX mobile or another provider app build.)

  • This view would need to be mobile friendly (no surprise there )

  • Optionally we could look into including the QR mobile login + app details in the activation success email sent by the platform (or similar emails) for learners (only if QR mobile site login is enabled of course.)


App Settings / About Open edX

While not sketched out, you could imagine a useful secondary view linked form the main learning academy selection step would be an “about open edx / axim” page that could be optionally viewed, and would remain buried in app settings as a secondary view. (Canvas / Moodle do something similar in their experiences).


Core App Navigation Updates

We plan to introduce to the app settings the ability to switch from one learning site to another, letting students have multiple uses for 1 build (Open edX / Provider) of the application.

As Part of this effort, we plan to move profile into the bottom core app navigation items in addition to Courses / Programs / Discovery which exist there today.

This way, the app settings icon in the top right (visible either only on profile tab or on all 4 core navigation pages - TBD) will load an App Settings page with a back button experience as opposed to the current modal pattern.

At the top of the app settings is a new Learning Site setting with the ability to switch the learning site. Additional details for this switch workflow is below.


Learning Site Switch / Persist

When a learner selects the learnign site switch action, we can take them to a view that echoes the initial loading selection page, but we would augment this (in v1 or future milestones) with the ability to remember previously selected / loaded learning sites.

  • Each learning site that is loaded might need to download some assets / configuration details so we would ideally persist this when students select a site.

  • Below the active / previously enabled learning site selection would be an “Add New Learning Site” search typeahead input similar to the original loading screen.




Initial Exploration / Workflow Review



Initial Sketches / Exploration: