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5 minutes

Action items update


Check progress on the previ meeting’s action items.

10 minutes

Mini Olive retrospective

Adolfo Brandes

  • Went pretty smoothly, thanks Matjaz Gregoric!

  • Bugs were in the code, but that was mostly due to us bringing in MFEs last-minute

5 minutes

Testing update

Adolfo Brandes

  • We should add items to the test plan based on the bugs we found this time around

  • We should remove items from the test plan that shouldn’t be there

  • We should test upgrades

5 minutes

Release notes

Peter Pinch

Release notes are merged & published. 🎉

  • Thanks Peter Pinch!

  • If folks have issues, where should they open them?

    • BTR board for issues in Olive

    • Upstream repos if possible

5 minutes

Organizational topics

Adolfo Brandes

  1. Chair: Jorge Londoño has volunteered to be chair for the Palm cycle (🎉🎉🎉)

  2. Unifying the BTR, DevExp, and a potential new DevOps working group under one roof.

Release Naming

Ned Batchelder (Deactivated)

We need to pick names, and have a process for picking names.

We will pick one by Jan 15th, possibly with rank-choice voting of names suggested by the group.

non-openedx repos

Peter Pinch

The olive release surfaced a number of repos that are (still) outside the openedx org, e.g edx-sga. How/do we address these?

5 minutes

Openedx Con CFP

Feanil Patel