How to PSG (Python Study Group)

Choosing a Topic

  • edX specific stuff is encouraged

  • not just python language, but libraries and connections

  • Ex:

    • Navigating databases

    • Shells

    • Devstack

    • XBlocks

    • Comprehensive theming

    • Django

  • pure language stuff is also interesting: interpreter, dunders, list comprehensions

  • python 101 is fair game

  • have you come across something weird or interesting in your day to day?

  • debugging a particular weird thing

  • IDE(s) for python

Choosing a Format

  • REPL and live coding highly encouraged

    • expect things to go wrong! collective debugging is part of the process

    • if you’re super nervous, you can always practice with our study group leaders and helpers: @Ben Holt (Deactivated) , @Rebecca Graber (Deactivated) , and @Ned Batchelder (Deactivated)

  • Code on slides to look at later

  • Jupyter notebook good for mixing text and code

  • Alternative formats:

    • If you are an ‘expert’ on some aspect, host a Q&A/AMA/some other 'A' acronym

    • “Particularly Clueless Presenter” - have the audience guide you along

    • Game show!

    • panel: if you want to recruit friends

During Presentation

  • How to encourage interactivity

    • Challenge people to come up with a ‘dumb’ (low-level) question?

    • Leave space for questions. Count in your head to make sure everyone has time!

      • Do not fear the awkward silence

    • Consider asking questions of the room and waiting for/calling on someone to answer

  • Usually: people can yell out questions whenever, the group leaders monitor chat and interrupt whenever

    • If you want something else, specify at the beginning

Other Stuff

  • Be welcoming!

  • You can choose the icebreaker, make it short

  • Don’t feel pressured to fill the whole hour

  • This is a zero-judgment zone

  • If something makes you uncomfortable, reach out to the PSG leaders (currently @Rebecca Graber (Deactivated) runs the group with @Ned Batchelder (Deactivated) acting as advisor and general Yoda).