2022-04-04 PSG Testing Roundtable

Discussion Questions

  • How valuable a metric is coverage?

  • What do you see as the primary purpose of

    • unit tests?

    • integration?

    • e2e?

    • manual/local?

  • What is your favorite test library/trick that you think more of edX should know about?

  • Absent coverage requirements, what kinds of code trigger your “I need a test for this” spidey-sense?

  • What triggers your “this is a bad test” spidey-sense?

  • What have you found especially difficult to test?

  • How do we know if we are over-testing?

  • With us no longer running most browser automation tests, do we need to compensate with more of some other kind of tests? (Pact, JS, etc.)

  • Speaking of Pact (consumer-based contract testing framework), does anyone understand it?

  • How do you avoid duplicating your function code/logic in your tests?