API Working Group

The API working group's goal is to move Open edX API architecture and implementation forward.

The API Architecture Landscape page is a brain-dump of possible areas to work on.

Organizational things to figure out:

  • What are our communication channels?
  • How do we track work?
  • What are our first goals?

There is not yet a formal membership, but these are people I have been pestering about it:

  • Braden MacDonald, OpenCraft
  • Brittney Exline, edX
  • Calen Pennington, edX
  • David Ormsbee, edX
  • David Truong, U de Montréal
  • Feanil Patel, edX
  • Felipe Montoya, eduNEXT
  • Jhony Avella, eduNEXT
  • Jill Vogel, OpenCraft
  • John Baldwin, Appsembler
  • Nate Aune, Appsembler
  • Ned Batchelder, edX
  • Nimisha Asthagiri, edX
  • Omar Al-Ithawi, Appsembler
  • Peter Pinch, MIT
  • Régis Behmo
  • Steven Burch, Stanford
  • Usman Khalid, OpenCraft
  • Xavier Antoviaque, OpenCraft
  • Zachary Trabookis, Clemson