January 9, 2020

Date, time, and location

Thursday, January 9, 1pm EST US / 10am PST US / 18:00 UTC. (time converter)







13:04:55 From Omar Al-Ithawi : I'd like to share our progress on Course Access Groups
13:05:09 From Omar Al-Ithawi : but twoards the end of the hangout
13:05:18 From Marco : awesome! Sounds great
13:06:20 From Nate Aune : Just curious - has edX ever considered participating in GSOC? https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/
13:07:29 From Open edX : @nate Yes, I believe Jeremy has looked into it in the past. We can ping him in slack about it.
13:08:19 From Nate Aune : k. Thx
13:08:25 From Marco : I believe we participated way back when one year only though? Maybe 2?
13:09:30 From Nate Aune : might be a way in the future to help with squashing bugs, improving test coverage, etc. students crave experience contributing to OSS projects
13:09:46 From Marco : +100 ^
13:10:06 From Open edX : Agree
13:10:08 From Nate Aune : UX/UI improvements too ;)
13:10:18 From Omar Al-Ithawi : Open edX == Nimisha
13:10:29 From Omar Al-Ithawi : that how the name appears
13:11:07 From Marco : It was funny that the platform became sentient for a second and voiced its excitement about being improved.
13:11:14 From Open edX : Oh. Yeah. :)
13:12:00 From Aaron Beals : haha
13:14:26 From Nate Aune : Hard to hear you Marco
13:14:30 From Nate Aune : can you get closer to the mic?
13:15:12 From Paulo : Marco is muted actually
13:15:32 From Open edX : We can hear you now.
13:15:32 From Nate Aune : We can hear you fine now
13:15:57 From Open edX : https://openedx.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/AC/pages/1073676521 [Note: link moved to https://openedx.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/AC/pages/1061652501 ]
13:16:11 From Tobias Macey : You should be able to change the pickup pattern on the Yeti with one of the knobs on the body which can help with picking up more than just one user.
13:16:29 From Marco : ah thank you, THAT’s what those buttons do. :D
13:19:00 From David Ormsbee : I just want to play with newer Python versions :P
13:21:51 From Felipe : Naturally, we'll do it on the last of the 5 weeks
13:24:02 From Marco : We can definitely look into it and try to do more this time, challenges aside on the “I shouldn’t review my own talk” issue :)
13:27:13 From Nate Aune : love the idea of having more frequent virtual mini-conferences that don’t require all the logistics of a physical space and travel
13:30:21 From Aaron Beals : what’s the deprecation channel in Slack? not seeing one in channel search with “depr” in its name
13:30:30 From Open edX : @slash-n-burn
13:32:37 From Aaron Beals : hah! need to step up my channel search game. thanks.
13:34:06 From Marco : Also a bit silly perhaps but I created #deprecation and it just tells you now to go to #slash-n-burn :)
13:34:27 From Aaron Beals : :)
13:35:35 From Felipe : I really liked the "Rejected Alternatives" section
13:36:01 From Aaron Beals : I do, too
13:43:39 From Matej : Regarding microfrontends: since those are React apps, I’m guessing APIs are being developed to power them?
13:44:15 From Matej : So my question is - can these be utilised by other apps? Like using Open edX as a headless app?
13:44:20 From Marco : Ah yes, that is true, moving to MFEs also implies / requires API work / development as well ! Making some progress on API docs and things but it is still early. Can ask Nimisha to chime in on this in more detail.
13:44:43 From Sergiy Movchan : to what extent your team is willing to accept infrastructure proposals/solutions? RaccoonGang has adopted k8s orchestration for our own needs…
13:45:04 From Nate Aune : @matej - https://github.com/edx?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=micro&type=&language=
13:45:16 From Felipe : I tried to access but it looks like the page is locked [Note: link moved to ]
13:45:25 From Felipe : "This is a restricted space"
13:45:38 From Nate Aune : @matej - https://edx.github.io/frontend-platform/
13:45:43 From Felipe : Could this page be made public?
13:45:45 From Marco : we can look at that Felipe thanks for flagging it.
13:45:47 From Omar Al-Ithawi : Would love to get some updates on Python APIs such as student.api or contentstore.api modules?

Also any other news on what will happen for edx-search ?
13:46:12 From Marco : This Zoom chat’s lack of threading is unfortunate. :)
13:46:49 From Marco : @Nate thanks for linking to the frontend-platform page!
13:47:27 From Felipe : Will you link the slides in the notes later?
13:47:49 From Marco : @felipe - yes we will link the slides in the notes later! I can do that now.
13:48:38 From David Ormsbee : Confluence is infuriating. “Upgrade to inspect permissions
Find out if users are being denied permissions from parent pages or the space. For tools to diagnose and fix permission issues, upgrade to Premium.”
13:49:35 From Marco : @Omar - we have looked into / made some updates to Edx-search and are now piloting that on production at scale on edX.org. How this is updated for the MFE world we don’t yet know so I’m not sure if you were curious on just its state or its future state. We are looking into minor improvements such as including ORA other blocks in the content search index, looking into having this search UI directly shown to educators in studio to support find and replace use cases, etc. If you have interest in improving this feature or have made improvements without contributing yet please let me know we’d love to collaborate on this if we can.
13:50:40 From Marco : (To be clear Edx-search is in testing on edx.org not yet available to all learners but ideal will by as a test in the next month or so. If you log in to edx.org you won’t see it live today. Just to clarify.)
13:51:13 From David Ormsbee : @Omar - one of the major things coming up for edx-search is the move off our ancient version of ES. This will likely not happen until after Juniper is cut.
13:51:33 From Omar Al-Ithawi : I'm building some features that use edx-search, so I need to know if it's going to disappear soon
13:51:44 From Omar Al-Ithawi : that's part of today's demo if we have time for it
13:52:16 From Nate Aune : @Omar - do you mean this? https://discuss.openedx.org/t/improved-api-documentation/318
13:59:26 From Omar Al-Ithawi : thanks all!