Open edX 2017 Madrid: Birds of a Feather

Conference (Wednesday-Thursday)

The 2017 Open edX conference is May 24 and 25 in Madrid Spain, preceded by a day of tutorials and succeeded by a project day.

Birds of a Feather (BoFs)

If you would like to have a BoF over lunch or coffee, plan to meet where we'll be having lunch. There is no limit on how many people who can meet outside, but there are a limited number of rooms. If you want a room, create your BoF in that block. Otherwise, provide some details on where to meet.

Proposed topics

Add your proposal for a topic here, and we will help facilitate finding a time and place for groups that show interest to meet!


Interested? (tag yourself using @{your name})

Insights Analytics Development

Are you getting started with Open edX analytics stack development, or a seasoned contributor? Come along and share your ideas, experiences, questions, frustrations, and triumphs.

Better merged with Sergiy Movchan's session.

Jill Vogel
Gamification in learning

I'd like to invite every interested party to meet and talk about gamification theory and practice.

Possible topics to address: Do you use it? Does it work? Adoption success stories or fail reports? How it can be applied to Open edX courseware-level. Or maybe to a corporate level.

Sergiy Movchan
Adaptive learning

Adaptive learning is a way to engage students and save learning time still hitting the learning objectives. Or at least it should be.

Let's share our experience, thoughts, on which instruments we can provide to instructional designers to nail adaptive learning and create a better learning experience.

Sergiy Movchan
Open edX mobile apps

Let's talk on mobile apps.

Do we use them? How do they compare to responsive themes? What is lacking? Adding custom content types to mobile apps (xblock mobile views)? Distribution for corporations? etc.

Sergiy Movchan
Learning Analytics Use-cases

Everyone wants Insights, but what decisions are taken based on the analytics-provided data? Let's face it - Open edX Insights provides very basic tools and they are all very MOOC-specific. Latest additions for per-student analytics adds what corporate sector always wanted, but is it really useful? Sharing some real-world usecases on how this data is really used would be super-helpful. Which events did you add to make it more useful? etc, etc.

(maybe it's to be merged with what Jill Vogel proposed)

Sergiy Movchan
Open edX marketing

(not sure who added this one, but i'd like to participate). My biggest concern here is that & does very little to promote Open edX. Many of universities have decided choose Canvas over Open edX to start their new e-learning initiatives (examples are ASU, BYU, USU, etc). Not sure what we can do here - would be happy to hear any ideas.

VideoGathering for all of those interested in creating video content geared towards learning. We can talk about best practices, style, what video does best, budgets, gear, workflows and all of the tools and tricks it takes to get on camera presenters to delivery their best possible performance. Modality changes from in front of learners to a more cinematic experience. Also happy to talk about specific projects that open edX attendees have.Clayton Hainsworth
Video XBlockDiscuss the challenge of serving secure video. Appsembler and Raccoon Gang collaborated to build a new Video XBlock that features a pluggable backend, supporting many video hosting providers: Brightcove, Wistia, Vimeo, Youtube. If you're interested in this topic, also see the lightning talk on thursday at 1pm in room 4.1.D03.
Projects match-making

A way to reduce the development or time cost of projects on Open edX is to collaborate. If there is any functionality or tool you are currently missing in Open edX or, come to figure out if there are other parties needing the same features. We will be matching participants who would be willing to collaborate, to ensure the functionalities they need get developed and contributed to the project -- more quickly, and at a fraction of the total development cost.

If you are interested in the topic, also see the talk edX Kickstarter: Crowdfunding and Collaborating on Open edX & Contributions

Xavier Antoviaque

Yoav Caspin

Julie Goff

Peter Pinch

Eran Raviv

Spaces available

All Birds of a Feather are held in the breakfast/coffee break room.


Two sessions

Session 1: Lunch

Analytics1Brian Wilson (Deactivated)Let's talk about Insights, Analytics

Session 2: Afternoon coffee



Three sessions

Session 3: Breakfast

edX Product1Marco Morales (Deactivated), Shelby Quinn (Deactivated), Liz Cohen (Deactivated), Jasper Ho

Frontend2Ari Rizzitano (Deactivated)CSS, JS, theming, accessibility, UI, anything related to Open edX frontend

Session 4: Lunch

Open edX on Docker2Discuss how to run Open edX on Docker for testing, dev, and production

Session 5: Afternoon coffee

Video XBlock3

Nate Aune

Discuss ways to deliver video securely to your learners on mobile web
Open edX internationalization1
Issues on making Open edX work for multilingual
Co-funding and collaboration on Open edX & contributions

Other meetings

If you would like to schedule a private meeting, please contact one of the event organizers at the registration desk.

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