Participant & Administrator Runbooks

What follows are runbooks (basically checklists) for what needs to be done once a community member has been accepted into the Core Contributor program. There are things that the new CC needs to do, and there are also things the Axim program administrators need to do to make sure things run smoothly. New CCs can reach out to the administrators ( with any questions they may have in the process.

Runbooks: Joining or Leaving the CC Program

New Core Contributors may entirely self-administer their addition to or departure from the Core Contributor program by following one of the runbooks below:

Sponsors of new CCs may assist the new CC by creating a request ticket (as detailed in the two onboarding runbooks), but new CCs will be responsible for completing the onboarding content in the Core Contributor Onboarding Course themselves.

Core Contributors themselves must follow the offboarding instructions; they need to affirmatively end their participation as per the CC agreement.

Runbooks: Adding or Removing CCs

These are instructions that a member of Axim’s on-call team will follow once receiving an axim-engineering access request ticket made by a new/departing CC or their sponsor.