2023 Open edX Conference Session Talks & Tutorials

All videos for this conference, previous conferences, meetups, and more can be found on our YouTube channel, http://openedx.org/youtube . Visit the channel to see interviews with many of the speakers done at this year’s conference.

Tuesday, 28 March (Tutorials aka Workshops)




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Hands on Modern Mobile Dev for the Open edX Platform

@Volodymyr Chekyrta

Slides: https://shorturl.at/nxC67 Resources for app theming and code snippets: https://shorturl.at/oxBLU



How to use (team-based) ORA in your course

@Udo Ouwerkerk



Noob to Master: Rapid Onboarding to Open edX Course Builds

@Elizabeth Gordon , Christy Foote-Dizdarevic


Micro-Frontend Micro-Workshop

@Brian Smith , @Adolfo Brandes

The materials for this tutorial live in 2 repositories. The mfe-workshop-2023 repository contains instructions for setting up a development environment to work on Micro-Frontends. The frontend-app-workshop-example repository contains example applications.

No Video

Accessible Course Authoring and Administration

@Jeff Witt (Deactivated)


Slides available on the wiki:

Designing Peer Review Assignments at Scale

Meghan Perdue, Jessica Sandland


What the RST?? Documenting the Open edX Platform

@Sarina Canelake @Feanil Patel


Using Open edX Hooks for Custom Code

@Felipe Montoya



Wednesday, 29 March (Keynotes)




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State of Open edX

@Edward Zarecor @Jenna Makowski



Anant Agarwal

2U’s Chief Platform Officer and founder of edX, guiding and furthering edX’s vision to increase access to high-quality education for everyone, everywhere. Agarwal brings his expertise in building powerful online learning platforms to align product and technology at edX, a 2U company, as it creates the world’s most comprehensive free-to-degree online learning marketplace.

Wednesday, 29 March (Talks)




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Product Review is Here for You

@Ryan O'Connell @Jenna Makowski


Building Collaborative Classes - Borrowing from Open Source Practices

@Xavier Antoviaque


Integrating the Open edX platform with more than 5000 web applications for automated tasks

@Juan Camilo Montoya


A Practical Guide to Backend Caching

@Dave Ormsbee (Axim)


Product Roadmap Roundtable

Product Working Group (organizer for questions: @Sarina Canelake )


Running a MOOC on the Open edX Platform: Practices after Managing Over 100 Course Runs

Mary Ellen Wiltrout


Reimagining Course Discovery

Syed Ansab Waqar Gillani, @Dawoud Sheraz , @Irfan Ahmad , Umar Ali Choudhry


An Opinionated Vision for Open edX Extensibility and Customization

@David Joy (Deactivated)


Open edX Platform Support: Top 10 Issues Which Make Users Cry

Iana Loviagina


Successful Strategies for Producing & Teaching with Video

Rebecca Rumbel


Product Development in the Open: From Visibility to Collaboration

@Jenna Makowski @Braden MacDonald @Dave Ormsbee (Axim)


Don’t Miss the Event Bus

@Robert Raposa


Thursday, 30 March (Keynotes)










Justin Reich

Justin Reich is an educational researcher interested in the future of learning in a networked world. He is the Director of the MIT Teaching Systems Lab which aspires to design, implement and research the future of teacher learning. He is the author of Failure to Disrupt: Why Technology Alone Can't Transform Education from Harvard University Press. He is the host of the TeachLab podcast, and five open online courses on edX. Justin is a former fellow and faculty associate of the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University.



Karl Fogel

Karl Fogel is an open source software developer, author, and consultant. He has been active in free and open source software since 1992. In 2005 he wrote Producing Open Source Software: How to Run a Successful Free Software Project (O’Reilly Media), based partly on his experiences in the Subversion open source version control system project.

He is a founding partner at Open Tech Strategies, LLC, where he helps organizations launch and engage with open source projects. He has worked at CollabNet, Google, Canonical, O’Reilly Media, and Code for America / Civic Commons, all as an open source specialist. He has also been an Open Internet Tools Project Fellow at the New America Foundation and a member of the board of directors of the Open Source Initiative. He is currently a member of the Apache Software Foundation and President of QuestionCopyright.org.

Thursday, 30 March (Talks)




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YouTube link

How the Open edX platform compares against the most notable competitors

@Natalia Vynogradenko @Stefania Trabucchi


Working with SME’s: Strategies for Learning Design Success

@Ildi Morris


Crunching the k8s Numbers

@Jhony Avella


Unlocking LTI: How We Decoupled the LTI 1.3 Launch from the Open edX Platform

@Michael Roytman


Navigate Your Data Lake with OARS

@Jill Vogel @Brian Mesick


The Learner is not (only) a user: learning experience design is more than marketing

@Ilaria Botti


Thinking Out Loud: Bringing Social Annotation to Your Open edX Course

Xandi Wright


Safer: The History and Future of Open edX Security

@Alison Langston , @Phillip Shiu (Deactivated) , @Feanil Patel


2023 Open edX Product Strategy: Getting to a Core Product

@Jenna Makowski


The two way street: how on-campus and MOOC classes influence each other

Michelle Tomasik, Jennifer French


We’re Losing Them! How to engage Gen Z and A to a learning process

@Alexandra Nabokina , Kateryna Panasenko


Modular Domains: Where We Want the Open edX Frontend To Go, and When

@Adolfo Brandes



Thursday, 30 March (Lightning Talks)









Talk Track 1: Pedagogy & Instructional Design

A MELP approach for Open edX LMS: evaluating the impact of open courses

@Esteban Etcheverry


Open edX project's key role in the educational transformation in Uruguay: opportunities for Latam

Carinna Balsamo, Paul Cevallos, Martín Anza


Promising Results from a Blended Inclusive Teaching Micro-Credential

Darcy Gordon


Why “About this course” might be a bad way to start

Alan Jameson, Robyn Belair


Talk Track 2: Product Development & Usage

Examining Patterns of Content Use with Coursegraph

@Jennifer A. Akana


Online assessment done right!

@Anastasiia Abyzova (Deactivated)


Fast Course Creation using an Excel Template

Nacho Despujol Zabala


Using the Open edX Platform as a Country-Wide Higher-Ed LMS: Project Start-up

@Elizabeth Gordon


Talk Track 3: Development (1)

🔥 Potsie v2 💥 Learning Analytics Charts That Rock! 🤘

@Julien Maupetit


How is an Open edX Release Created?

@Jorge Londoño


Build Fast but Don’t Break Things

@Kyle McCormick


Multiple Tutor environments with TVM

@Maria Fernanda Magallanes Z

TVM demo:

Talk Track 4: Development (2)

Migrating a comprehensive theme from the legacy frontend to the MFE

@Piotr Surowiec


A paradigm for porting a Django View to an MFE Application

@Nathan Sprenkle


What is the most performant / sustainable open source LRS in 2023?

Wilfried Baradat


Commerce Coordinator: Connecting Open edX with Commerce

@Phillip Shiu (Deactivated) @Glenn Martin