Birds of a Feather and Other Ad-hoc Events

Conference (Tuesday-Wednesday)

Birds of a Feather (BoFs)

Food and drinks are not allowed within Lathrop's meeting rooms. If you would like to have a BoF over lunch or coffee, plan to meet where we'll be having lunch. There is no limit on how many people who can meet outside, but there are a limited number of rooms. If you want a room, create your BoF in that block. Otherwise, provide some details on where to meet. BoF times are on


Two sessions

Session 1: (Lunch) 12:55 - 1:25

TitleRoom (Capacity)OrganizerNotesAttending
 299 (40)   
Private294 (20)edX  
Wistia XBlock for video292 (20)AppsemblerMany organizations prefer Wistia video hosting over Youtube, but Open edX doesn't have great support for Wistia. This is to discuss how to improve the integration, possibly by creating a Wistia XBlock. See the proposal here. 
 290 (20)   

Session 2: (Break) 3-3:30

TitleRoom (Capacity)OrganizerNotesAttending
Learning Strategies for Training Corporate Field Forces on Open edX299 (40)Juan Manuel SaraviaThis session shares the experience and the strategies we use when using Open edX as a tool for corporate training by our company MILL, a Latin American based organization devoted to training and developing field forces of CPG (Consumer Packed Goods) companies, across south and central America. 
SCORM Content in Open edX294 (20)AppsemblerFor anyone who's interested in getting SCORM content in and out of Open edX. If you missed the lightning talk, you can read the blog post about the status of the SCORM XBlock.Bryan Wilson
Extending the CC licensing plugin to incorporate features like automatic attribution, gratitude, discoverability, etc...292 (20)Jane Park (Creative Commons)Anyone who wants to continue the conversation from the "Increasing content reuse and user engagement on Open edX" session at 1:30, please join for a discussion/brainstorm! Esp if you are interested in collaborating on a new feature. 
Front end developments at edX290 (20)Andy Armstrong (edX)This session covers recent front end developments, and best practices, working on edX. This includes the edX Pattern Library and the UI Toolkit.Andy Armstrong


Three sessions

Session 3: (Breakfast) 9-9:45

TitleRoom (Capacity)OrganizerNotesAttending
Interoperability299 (40)Nate AuneHow do get Open edX to work within a larger ecosystem of heterogenous systems within a corporate or academic environment. We will discuss strategies for integrating using APIs, SSO, etc. 
Adaptive Learning294 (20)Scott DunnIntroduce the Adaptive Learning Working Group. Quick update from the sub-teams. Discuss the adaptive capabilities that community members would like to see added to Open Edx.Marco Morales
Open edX on Azure292 (20)AppsemblerDiscuss best practices for getting Open edX running on Microsoft's Azure Cloud platform and more advanced topics about scaling Open edX with multiple servers.TJ Keemon(?)
Testing Xblocks290 (20)Felipe MontoyaThere are many strategies for testing Xblocks in the community, what are your best practices? Would a framework for testing Xblocks make your life as a developer easier. How do you do CI? Let's talk 

Session 4: (Lunch) 12:40 - 1:10

Ops299 (40)MaxR (Deactivated)

Come hang out with other OpenedX operators and members of the edX DevOps team!

There will also be a short talk about Terraform, a new tool edX is using to rationalize our infrastructure.


Followup and Q&A will be in the configuration BOF (2:45-1:15 in 292)

Proctoring294 (20)(deprecated) Pinch (Unlicensed)Discussing support for multiple proctoring solutions, beyond SoftwareSecure.
Mobile apps for Open edX
292 (20)Anna CallahanBuilding native apps in Objective C, Swift and Android apps. Also explore using React Native and responsive themes to provide a great mobile experience. 
Video Creators Meetup, Informal290 (20)James Donald, edXJames Donald, edX Video Producer, will coordinate this informal lunch discussion where everyone can share, discuss and dissect all things regarding video production for Open edX courses. 

Session 5: (Break) 2:45 - 3:15

TitleRoom (Capacity)OrganizerNotesAttending
Open edX for Corporate Learning299 (40)Nate Aune, AppsemblerContinue the discussion after the corporate learning panel at 1:15pm 
Product Q&A294 (20)Q&A time about product @ edX in case you still have unanswered questions! 
Ansible and edx/configuration292 (20)Feanil Patel (Deactivated)Discussion about the configuration repo, or ansible in general. 
 290 (20)   

Other meetings

If you would like to schedule a private meeting in Lathrop 290, 292, 294 or 299, please contact one of the event organizers at

Hands-on Days (Thursday-Friday)