Operations Glossary

A list of terms, definitions, and links to more information, to help those running their own Open edX installations

  • AMI - Amazon Machine Image
  • Ansible - Python-based server configuration management.
  • Confluence  
  • Cypress - the third supported Open edX release
  • Devstack - Vagrant-based Open edX deployment targeted at developers who want to modify the Open edX code.
  • Django
  • Dogwood - the fourth supported Open edX release
  • Fullstack - Vagrant-based Open edX deployment that simulates a production installation. 
  • Git - Source code management system. 
  • JIRA
  • master - the very latest cutting-edge code in a repository. 
  • Playbook - A YAML file describing Ansible Tasks that are run to complete a deployment
  • Pull Request 
  • Python
  • Slack - An online chat service.
  • Ubuntu - A flavor of the Linux operating system. Open edX sites are most often deployed on servers running Ubuntu.
  • Vagrant - A tool for spinning up development environments. Open edX Devstack and Fullstack are examples of Vagrant environments. 
  • Virtualbox - Virtualization software that allows you to run a virtual machine, a complete operating system inside of your computer's operating system. Vagrant depends on Virtualbox for creating development environments.