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  • Adam Stankiewicz document Algolia DocSearch configuration and open PR with editor config.
Adam Stankiewicz2024-01-10 Meeting notes
  • Adam Stankiewicz finish creating final checklist about Design Tokens to review with PWG next week to determine actionable next steps.
Adam Stankiewicz2023-10-11 Meeting notes
Anastasiia Abyzova2023-09-06 Meeting notes
  • Try to find a workaround for compound components and tree shaking
2023-07-12 Meeting notes
  • Gabriel Weinberg create github issue for implementing bootstrap social media icons with notes from PWG meeting
Gabriel Weinberg2023-05-10 Meeting notes
  • Adam Stankiewicz File a Github to use a consistent prop name for actions nodes passed into various components (e.g., actions as node vs. list, actions vs. actionsNode
Adam Stankiewicz2023-05-10 Meeting notes
  • Gabriel Weinberg address questions and specs to help decide on best npm for social icons
Gabriel Weinberg2023-05-03 Paragon Meeting notes
Adam Stankiewicz2023-04-21 Meeting notes
  • Gabriel Weinberg solicit feedback on playground from designers, drop a line in ux team channel at 2u, and in PWG slack channel
Gabriel Weinberg2023-04-12 Paragon Meeting notes
Adam Stankiewicz2023-04-07 Meeting notes

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