November 12, 2020 meetup: Small-Scale Training

Date, time, and location

WHEN: Thursday, November 12, 1pm EST US / 18:00 UTC. (time converter)


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  • Next Open edX community release: Koa

  • Patrick Neubert (Polarstern Education): Small-Scale Training with Open edX Technology

    Open edX technology is best known as a large-scale MOOC platform on sites like or FUN, serving millions of users. However, we have used Open edX software in a different and very niche context by training government employees to comply with the high regulations of managing third-party funding.

    In this meetup, we will highlight the advantages of Open edX software for training small groups of employees.

    The traditional approach of our expert Dr. Andrea Greven was to train institutions all over Germany in small groups and seminars. She decided that it was time to bring her topics, including third-party funding based on European grant associations' regulations, online.

    Inspired by the work of and RWTH Aachen University, she hired our team at Polarstern Education to set up an Open edX platform and guide her through the process of building her first course.

    We will share our journey working with Dr. Andrea Greven and highlight the following topics:

    • Translating Open edX to German

    • Splitting existing content into short explanatory videos

    • Running a low-budget course development (MVP phase)

    • The initial go to market for a small online academy in a very analog and traditional niche market