2015 Open edX Presentations

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WelcomeAnant Agarwal (edX)
Give P's a ChanceMitch Resnick (MIT Media Lab)

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State of Open edX

Beth Porter (edX)

Mark Haseltine (edX)

Ned Batchelder (edX)

MIT Learning Object Repository for EducationFerdi Alimadhi (MIT)
Life in the Avant-gardeRégis Behmo (FUN)https://github.com/regisb/openedx-conference-2015/blob/master/slides.pdf
Leveraging Open edX for Corporate TrainingCathy Herbert (Metalogix)
OpenStack for Open edX: Inside and Out

Adolfo Brandes (Hastexo)

Florian Haas (Hastexo)

Slides (press "s" for notes), Source (look in /markdown)
Online Geospatial Education in AfricaThomas Ballatore (Lake Basin Action Network)
Semantic Tagging Using Asides in Studio

Cole Shaw (MIT)

Ross Strader (OLI)

Integrating Open edX with Campus Systems

Beth Porter (edX)

Braden MacDonald (OpenCraft)

Phil MacGachey (Harvard)

Organizing the Largest Open edX Hackathon Yet

Philippe Chiu (IONISx)

Elie Mietkiewicz (Gutenburg Technology)

Arnaud Wiljns (ULB)

Hajar Mouradi

Open edX and Adaptive LearningEd Daciuk (ExtensionEngine)
ANALYSE: A Learning Analytics ExtensionJosé A. Ruipérez Valiente (UC3M)
Pragmatic Development Lessons from UQxJohn Zornig (University of Queensland)

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Contributing to Open edX

Xavier Antoviaque (OpenCraft)

Sarina Canelake (edX)

Google Slides

Developing for AccessibilityMark Sadecki (edX)Slides for talk titled Developing for Accessibility, by Mark Sadecki in HTML format
Deploying SPOCs in a University with Open edXJosé A. Ruiperez Valiente (UC3M)
Digging Through the Data: MoocCzarJohn Zornig (UQx)

(download original Keynote file)

Configuration PrimerFeanil Patel (edX)
Building Successful Open edX Instructors
from Non-Faculty Domain Experts

Julie Mullen (MIT Lincoln Lab)

Lauren Edwards

Vijay Gadepally (MIT Lincoln Lab)

Real Time Analytics using ELKFelipe Montoya (eduNEXT)

Navigating Barriers to Implementation of an
International Medical Training Course in
Developing Nations 

Nicholus Warstadt (Stanford)

Silvia Vaca (Stanford)

Feroze Naina (CMU)

Source intro video:

Building the Plan While Flying it: Migrating
an existing MOOC to Open edX 

Mike Bifulco (Aquent)

Andrew Miller (Aquent)

Jeremy Osborn (Aquent)

Michael Bingham-Hawk (Aquent)

edX AnalyticsVictor Shnayder (edX)
Product Update: 10 + 1 New Features This YearBeth Porter (edX)
Driving Adoption of Open Web StandardsJeff Jaffe (W3C)