tCRIL Engineering Team

Table of Contents


The Center for Reimagining Learning (tCRIL) Engineering Team consists of:

  • @Carlos Muniz , Software Engineer

  • @Dave Ormsbee (TCRIL) , Software Architect

  • @Edward Zarecor , VP Engineering

  • @Feanil Patel , Software Architect

  • @Kyle McCormick , Senior Software Engineer

  • @Sarina Canelake , Engineering Manager

  • @Jenna Makowski , Product Manager


We track our work-in-flight using a GitHub Project Board. We are also working to represent all of our work on the Open edX platform roadmap.

To make a request of the tCRIL Engineering team (particularly, a GitHub administration task), please file an issue with us. Pick an issue type that most closely corresponds with the request. If the task is not automatically assigned to a tCRIL team member, assign @Sarina Canelake to it. We will do our best to triage the issue shortly.