Planned Arch Cookie Cutter updates

Best practices / quality of life:

  • Flatten src directory structure with READMEs that explain what belongs where:
    • actions
    • config (store configuration, environment, api client)
    • constants
    • components
    • effects (side effects, thunks, sagas)
    • reducers
    • selectors
    • services
  • Combine containers and components (we're misusing the concept a bit and it creates more file navigation friction...)
    • It's not that the container is the thin wrapper around a component that connects it to redux, it's that the connected components should be considered containers where communication with the greater ecosystem are concentrated.  Let people add a containers directory if they have enough of them that it helps to split it out - don't start under that presupposition. 
  • Convert index.jsx files to files named for their contents.
    • Sub-components in directory named for the above component.
    • .test.jsx and .messages.jsx files as peers of their component.
  • Separate dev and prod redux store configurations in config directory.
  • Add codecov to .travis.yml
  • Webpack config updates (misc)
  • Application structure readme (How do I structure a frontend app with unidirectional data flow so it stays organized?  What goes where, how should I think about it?)

Test/code examples (maybe as gists linked from the README?)

  • Component snapshot testing
  • Component enzyme assertion testing
  • Connected component testing
  • jest.mock() examples
  • jest.spyOn() examples
  • redux reducer tests
  • Selector (mapStateToProps) tests
  • redux-thunk tests
  • redux-saga tests
  • Service / side effect tests
  • Cypress tests -
  • Action tests
  • Usage of paragon components with redux-forms

Issues to address:

Packages to use (most of these don't exist, but maybe should):

  • frontend-analytics

  • frontend-auth

  • frontend-i18n

  • frontend-logger

  • frontend-api OR example services

  • Generic error/exception messaging (500 errors, etc.)
  • paragon (usage is shifting soon with working group changes)

  • edx-bootstrap (usage is shifting soon with next major version)