Content Tagging, V2 - Brainstorm space

This space captures ideas for possible future directions for Content Tagging and Taxonomies, V2.


Automated batch updates to large taxonomies with syncs


Tagging Tool Development:

  • Open-ended free-form tags (and a strategy for data management)

  • Adding tags to subsections and sections directly in the course outline

  • Creating units, subsections and sections independently in Libraries and add tags as part of that authoring workflow

  • Taxonomies will support localization

  • Programmatic ways to bulk add tags (e.g., authoring APIs or AI-driven solutions)


Tagging Management System Development:

  • Map hierarchical or horizontal relationships

  • Personal taxonomies

  • Enhanced controls such as locking down taxonomies

  • List views with enhanced metadata (last edited, etc)


Content Management Experience Development:

  • Use tags to organize content into playlists, folders 

  • Additional search filters


Tag Performance

  • Tools to assess content and/or learner performance based on tags

  • Tools to facilitate content recommendations 


Search functionality:

  • Search in randomized content blocks