How to find a base Ubuntu Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

At times, you may want to build an IDA starting with a base AMI containing no previous edX code. To find the proper base AMI for most IDAs (including edx-platform):

  1. Visit this URL:
  2. Enter the following terms in the search box: us-east-1 hvm ssd xenial amd (for 16.04) OR us-east-1 hvm ssd bionic amd (for 18.04)
    1. Exactly one AMI should be showing in the filtered list:
    2. The term definitions:
      1. us-east-1: The region in which we run our edX infrastructure (currently).
      2. hvm: Virtualization type allowing faster virtualization
      3. ssd: Supports solid-state drives for fast disk access.
        1. xenial: Codename for Ubuntu 16.04
        2. bionic: Codename for Ubuntu 18.04
      4. amd: System processor
  3. Use the AMI ID, which is in the form "ami-xxxxxxxx".