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Note: follow the patterns here: 2015 Open edX Presentations

Talks and Keynotes


SESTopicPresentersSlides and other materialsYouTube
10:00–10:45am AuditorioKeynoteAnant Agarwal
10:45–11:45am AuditorioState of Open edXSlides
1:05–1:40pm Salon de GradosLearning in the Open: A Strategic Approach to MOOC Development
  • Sir Timothy O'Shea
  • Professor Eileen Scanlon

1:05–1:40pm D03The Future of Front-end Development in Open edX (FedX)Ari RizzitanoSlides
1:05–1:40pm E06Visualizing Course Data Using VizIT
1:45–2:20pm E06Contributing to Insights & the Analytics PipelineSlides
1:45–2:20pm D03Digital Learning 2.0: Learning That SticksPaul Hunter
1:45–2:20pm Salon de GradosMockup Night: MOOCS – Mistakes From Marketing to MaterialsEran Raviv
2:25–3:00pm Salon de GradosAdaptive Learning in an edX Course
  • Andrew Ang
  • Glenn Lopez
  • Yigal Rosen
  • Ilia Rushkin
2:25–3:00pm D03Internationalization at edXSlides
2:25–3:00pm E06Using Peer Assessment and Peer Instruction to Improve Competence and Instigate Real Change in Online Corporate Learning

Henrik J. Mondrup

3:30–4:05pm D03Creating Synergies Among Institutions in Higher and Continuing Education: Flipped Classrooms and Project-Based Learning with Open edX
  • Isabelle Druet
  • Badi Ibrahim
3:30–4:05pm E06EdX Enterprise: Endeavor Into Corporate Learning
3:30–4:05pm Salon de GradosSeamlessly Deploying a Scalable, High Availability Open edX Solution on Microsoft Azure

Elton Carr

4:15–5pm AuditorioKeynoteVincent Zimmer


SESTopicPresentersSlides and other materialsYouTube
10:05–10:40am AuditoriaKeynote: Learn or LoseNick van Dam
10:45–11:20am E06Canal Fundación ONCE @ UNED: Open edX Accessibility in Practice
10:45–11:20am Salon de GradosCase Study: Microsoft Open edX for Corporate Learning and Professional Training
  • Pankaj Dikshit
  • Carolyn Lesser
10:45–11:20am D03XBlocks and Beyond: Extending Open edXSlides
11:25am–12:00pm E06Evolution of edX LMS and Studio ArchitectureNimisha AsthagiriSlides

11:25am–12:00pm D03Open edX Out of Context: The Open University Approach
11:25am–12:00pm Salon de GradosPanel Discussion: Recent Innovations in Corporate LearningHarry Klein
1:00–1:40pm Salon de GradosLightning Talks: Engagement Track
  • Pedro Moneo
  • Kevin Pawsey
  • Vincent du Sordet, Alberto Brigneti
  • Chinmay Nivargi
  • Eduardo Serrano Luque
  • Nor Fadzleen Binti Sa'don
1:00–1:40pm E06Lightning Talks: Localization & Technology Track
  • Omar Al-Ithawi
  • Carlos Turro, Leonardo Salom, Ignacio Despujol
  • Eugeny Kolpakov
  • Dr. Aneesha Bakharia
1:00–1:40pm D03Lightning Talks: Video Track
  • Peter Koblyakov, Nate Aune
  • Vicente Goyanes de Miguel
  • Régis Behmo
  • Michael Amigot
  • Saya Goto, Jeffrey S. Cross
  • Taras Pustovoy
1:45–2:20pm E06Applying Blooms Taxonomy to Open edX

Dr. Philippa Hardman
1:45–2:20pm D03Open edX and Strength Together—Partnering for SuccessSasha Norkin
1:45–2:20pm Salon de GradosThe Wild West of High Availability in Open edXSlides
2:25–3:00pm Salon de GradosClosing Global Achievement Gaps in MOOCs: Creating Psychologically Welcoming Learning Environments
  • René Kizilcec
  • Andy Saltarelli
2:25–3:00pm E06Delivering an Online Master's Degree Program on Open edXFurqan Nazeeri
2:25–3:00pm D03Extending Open edX to Support Blended Learning at MIT
3:30–4:05pm Salon de GradosEdX Kickstarter: Crowdfunding and Collaborating on Open edX & ContributionsSlides
3:30–4:05pm E06How We Beautifully and Quickly Engage Students on iOS and AndroidJ'aime Ohm
3:30–4:05pm D03What's New in Studio? Assessments & Content LibrariesBen PiscopoSlides
4:10–4:45pm Salon de GradosFrom Funnel to Tunnel: A New Open edX DistributionDr. Deepak Phatak
4:10–4:45pm E06The Evolution of Open edX ThemingMatjaz GregoricSlides
4:10–4:45pm D03What's New in Studio? Learner EngagementBen PiscopoSlides

Tutorials, workshops, etc.

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