Arch Lunch: 2018-05-May


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Apr 26, 2018Review this wiki (Arch Lunch: 2018-05-May)Nimisha Asthagiri (Deactivated)5mns

Review Architecture Decision and Communication Process

Nimisha Asthagiri (Deactivated)30mns
May 3, 2018

Arch decisions and review

Nimisha Asthagiri (Deactivated)5mns

Frontend/Backend split

  • Which layer owns which business logic?  That is, what is the separation of concern between various front-end layers, middleware services, and backend services? (parking lot from a previous arch-lunch.) 
Ari Rizzitano (Deactivated)45mns

Interested stakeholders, please add specific use cases here.

  • Registration page
  • Submitting a problem
May 10, 2018This week is intentionally kept agenda-less to foster open-ended discussions.


  • Capturing lightweight decisions in the codebase
  • OAuth Scopes design
May 17, 2018

API strategy

  • Distinguish between Emergent APIs vs Intentional? Separate API set as a Product?
  • With variations in governance and support model?
  • Options
    • Emergent vs Intentional APIs
      • makes sense to curate APIs
      • support-level
    • Legacy vs New
    • API Life-cycle
      • v0→v1
      • enforcement
        • can we do something similar to feature toggle OEP?
  • v0 types of APIs - as long as standards are followed
    • throttling
    • permissions
    • versioning
    • deprecation strategy
  • idea of who is using what APIs on
  • any model API that is done the "right" way versus an API that isn't designed well?
  • put more thought into our APIs versus implementing new APIs
  • we have published APIs in the past, but regressed in docs for the time-being
  • DDD-first design for curated APIs 
  • interfaces/APIs
    • how to help teams write these more?
  • proposed plan (after-meeting discussion)
    • small team dedicated to designing a few "intentional APIs" (a.k.a "API as a Product") that will be published in the API Gateway.
    • the same team will revive and flesh out the API conventions, creating an OEP, so that new "emergent APIs" will also follow the new conventions.
    • FED developers will continue to call Backend "emergent APIs", starting to use updated API conventions.
    • Over-time, we will see how we evolve the API Gateway and how we transition and track "emergent APIs".
May 24, 2018Jeremy Bowman (Deactivated)45mns

May 31, 2018

Open edX conference.