tCRIL Engineering Team

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Who are we?

We are the engineering team of the Center for Reimagining Learning (aka tCRIL, pronounced “tea-krill”). tCRIL is the temporary name for a lasting non-profit which stewards the codebase and community of the Open edX Project.

Eddy the tea-krill, our unofficial mascot. Credit to Ben Batchelder.

The Team

@Edward Zarecor

Vice President of Engineering

@Jenna Makowski

Product Manager for the Open edX Platform

@Sarina Canelake

Engineering Manager

@Dave Ormsbee (TCRIL)

Software Architect

@Feanil Patel

Software Architect

@Brian Mesick

Software Architect (Data)

@Adolfo Brandes

Principal Frontend Engineer

@Kyle McCormick

Senior Software Engineer

@Brian Smith

Senior Frontend Engineer

@Carlos Muniz

Software Engineer

Our Work

Current Work

What are doing now?

tCRIL Engineering Tasks

MFE Roadmap

Tutor DevEnv Adoption Project

Community tasks

tCRIL Roadmap

What’s on our horizon?

tCRIL Roadmap

Open edX Roadmap


How do we handle incoming GitHub management requests?

tCRIL Engineering On-Call

Contact Us


Contact Methods


Contact Methods

Quick questions

  • Post in the #ask-tcril channel in the Open edX Slack (

  • Mention @openedx/tcril-oncall from a GitHub pull request or issue.

  • Administrative requests for GitHub or other systems

  • Questions that might require research

Use the tCRIL Request Process described below.

Requests for Open edX features, bug fixes, etc.

tCRIL doesn’t take these sort of requests directly. Some other forums you could try:

Please keep in mind: community companies and working groups are busy with their own initiatives. Still, they might be excited to help you get started with developing a solution to your problem!

Mailing address

One Broadway
14th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02142

tCRIL Request Process

We take requests via the New Issue portal on the openedx/tcril-engineering repository. tCRIL’s rotating “on-call” engineer will triage your issue within one business day during their own working hours. They will try to give you a time estimate for completion. They may do the work themselves or delegate it to someone else. Note that tCRIL does not generally provide support on weekends, holidays, the early morning, or the evening (~US-Eastern timezone).

Please fill out all request fields, including a helpful title. Make sure the title remains prefixed with [GH Request] so that our automation picks it up and routes it to the on-call engineer. So your ticket’s title would look something like, [GH Request] Onboard New User Bob Jones

Common Request Types

Onboarding 2U OCM Employees

So, you just started at 2U OCM? Congrats! Either 2U IT or your manager should file a GitHub Request - Onboarding issue on your behalf. (Please don’t file file the request yourself--we need someone who is already in the openedx organization to vouch that you are indeed a new 2U OCM employee).

2U IT and managers: For new hires, file a GitHub Request - Onboarding issue with us. We often do not get to requests the day they are filed, so please file the request as far in advance of the employee’s start date as possible. Please provide a helpful title, but make sure it remains prefixed with [GH Request] so that our automation picks it up. Thanks!

Onboarding Core Contributors

So, you just became a core contributor? Congrats! Your sponsor should file a GitHub Request - Generic issue on your behalf, with a link to the approving Discourse thread, your GH username, and the repos approved access for. If your sponsor is not responding to pings, you may file it yourself. Please first read the “For Those Joining” section here: . A Core Contributor Program Administrator will be reaching out to send you the appropriate documents and ensure correct access.

Adding or removing repositories from the openedx GitHub organization

If you believe that:

  • a repository from another GitHub organization should be moved into openedx, or

  • a repository from openedx should be moved out to another GitHub organization,

then submit a GitHub Request - Generic issue on the board linked above, detailing what you think should be transferred in and why. (Not sure? We are working on an OEP to formalize which repositories should be in the openedx organization and what the implications of being in said organization are. In the meantime, though, tCRIL is just using our best judgement. If you’re not sure, open a request anyway! Thanks for your patience here.)

If you want to make a new repository in the openedx organization, then first create it in your personal/company organization, and then follow the transfer request process above.

If you want to archive a respository from the openedx organization please check out OEP-14: Archiving GitHub Repositories.

Offboarding & access changes, and other requests

Do you need us to:

  • add or remove GitHub permissions from a user?

  • change the configuration of a GitHub application?

  • remove someone from the openedx GitHub organization?

  • help you out with anything else?

File an issue using the tCRIL Engineering board above, selecting the most appropriate template. Please provide reasoning for your change and as much supplemental detail as possible. In the case of adding or removing permissions, please have your manager ask on your behalf.