[CLOSED] FC-0012 - Translations Infrastructure Implementation


Funded Project ID



Zeit Labs

Axim Contact(s)

Sarina Canelake

Expected Completion Date

December 31, 2023



Additional Project Details


Approach Memo & Technical Discovery





Our community counts on having a fully modern platform that is available in various languages. Having a fully localized platform supports our mission of providing high quality education to everyone, everywhere. However, our current system of translation management (a legacy bot) has been problematic for years, and many repositories have not been fully translated - or translated at all.

In November of 2022, OEP-58 was merged, which outlines a new approach to translations management. The core of the proposal is a new tool, openedx-atlas, which will centrally manage translation files for all repos. A proof of concept of Atlas has already been written, proving out the concepts defined in OEP-58. All that is needed at this point is for someone to do the work of integrating Atlas into the build/deploy process for each repository, much of which has been scoped by the Axim staff.

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