Meeting Notes, June 6, 2023 - Product "scrum of scrums"







Round robin of subgroup updates

  1. Core Product @Jenna Makowski

  2. LTI @Anna Aldric

  3. Campus @Faqir Bilal @Jenna Makowski or Ed

  4. UX/UI @Ali Hugo @Jenna Makowski

  5. Mobile @Marco Morales

  1. Core Product -

    1. Group focus areas (after initial meetings)

      1. Roadmap - clearer documentation and onboarding

      2. Streamlining communication channels / updates

      3. Transparent processes and community voting mechanism

    2. Exploring specific projects / items from each focus area

    3. Core group will own pull request delegation to other working groups

    4. Core feature area analysis work in progress as well

  2. LTI

    1. Group focus area - Defining user stories and product spec for the ideal LTI consumer user experience for admins and authors

      1. Mindmap / Brainstorm document

    2. Short-medium term goal - Enabling parity with canvas for course creators and admins, point and click install

    3. Long-term - LTI Marketplace

  3. Campus

    1. Drafting mission for campus group

    2. Getting definition for tickets on campus backlog board

      1. Focus on ORA roadmap

    3. Credentials initiative

    4. OARs reporting MVP

  4. UX / UI

    1. Checklist for requirements for UX/UI approval

    2. Central listing of all in-progress UX/UI frames and links to frames

    3. Studio Home design sprint

      1. Will do a separate design workshop session for designing Studio Home

      2. Will do a presentation and retro at the WG and leverage the WG for usability testing, etc

  5. Mobile -

    1. Recurring meetings with Axim, Raccoon Gang, 2U, Schema team members

      1. (still hoping for other interested community members!)

      2. Community Mobile survey (low responses - more welcome!)

    2. TOC review for proposal to shift to using new Raccoon Gang build mobile applications as default Open edX mobile apps, OEP next / soon. Focus now on roadmap definition and exploring expanded usage of mobile apps in ecosystem

    3. App Feature / Capability Tracking → adding v1 prioritization per area now as group

    4. Draft Roadmap v1 organized in to themes / areas, generally in two buckets:

      1. feature parity for new RG mobile app, Ecosystem / Access focused improvements

    5. Current top 3 themes will be source of potential upcoming funded contributions

      1. Learning Academy Selection, Improved Discovery, Infrastructure / App Build Improvements



  1. Best medium for communicating between meetings?

  2. Best medium for keeping the community updated?

  3. Do we need a shared Board?