2022-10-28 Credentials Meeting notes


Oct 28, 2022


  • @Edward Zarecor

  • @Glib Glugovskiy

  • @Michelle Philbrick



 Discussion topics










Update on Arch meeting


  • Would like to have a regular touch point with Chris D.

  • Wants to connect with Adolfo and Brian Smith on strategy for MFE plug in.

On-boarded Nikolai

  • New part-time resource on the project

  • Currently doing discovery

  • Will report back on Friday


Glib Updates


  • Continuing work on ADRs

  • Has had many meetings this week, but is planning to push


Technical Matters


  • Is there a sane strategy for using the existing JS libraries?

    • WASM?

    • python bindings to JS?

  • Unclear that we should use the message BUS if Kafka is the only implementation and only 2U are using the message BUS.

 Action items

@Glib Glugovskiy reach out to @Adolfo Brandes and @Brian Smith to discuss MFE plugin strategy in detail
@Edward Zarecor schedule synchronous time Glib and Chris Deery to connect.
@Edward Zarecor follow up with Dave and Brian M on the question of message BUS.